Purpose and Uses of Rugged Computers

Computers and laptops are a part of our lives that many of us could not live without. We use them to work, to communicate, and to waste time. Computers and laptops are a fundamental part of our modern world and without them, our society would likely differ. But, while these handy bits of technology are very important to our lives, most of them are very delicate and break quite easily. Not rugged computers though.

In this article, we are going to tell you about rugged computers, which differ slightly from traditional computers. Rugged computers are a very important part of some people’s professions – they are used for several different jobs and careers. We hope that by the end of this page that you will know virtually everything that there is to know about rugged computers.

Here are the purposes and uses of rugged computers.

Purpose and Uses of Rugged Computers

What Is a Rugged Computer?

Rugged computers are incredibly durable computers made with armored plating. These computers are most often used in high-risk workplaces, where there is a strong chance that a person’s computer may become damaged. Rugged computers are often just ordinary computers with the armor plating removed. They are often carried in briefcases, which make them much easier to transport. They can be very heavy though, which is often a downside to them. They can be very expensive because of their intricate design and the extent to which manufacturers go-to design them and ensure they are safe and will not be easily destroyed.

Uses for Rugged Computers

Law Enforcement

Rugged computers are used in several different careers and jobs. They are used domestically by police officers most of all. When on the road, police officers still need access to the internet and pieces of information and data. A police officer cannot carry around an ordinary laptop because there is always the chance that it could become damaged or that the laptop could become compromised. Not only are rugged computers secure physically, but they are also often very secure and prevent people from being able to access data that they are not allowed to be accessing. A stolen rugged laptop will be, all things considered, virtually impenetrable.


The military relies heavily upon rugged computers. The manufacturers of rugged computers know this, which is why they often equip their computers with a military LCD display and keyboard design to accommodate our troops. The military relies on rugged computers in very intense situations, from the desert to the jungle. Without them, the military would not be able to function as well as they do and have been. These computers can prove to be a very useful line of communication, as well as a great way to access data in remote and dangerous locations. Rugged computers are an integral part of the military in the 21st-century.

Purpose and Uses of Rugged Computers

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs, while generally safe, do have the potential to become incredibly dangerous and unstable. Because of this, rugged computers are very commonly used on them. Rugged computers are often built in a way to still be accessible after a disaster, which gives senior management the ability to access data, even if an oil rig was theoretically destroyed, however unlikely. Oil riggers use these computers for that reason.

Gas Stations

Rugged computers are also used in gas stations, much in the same way and for the same reason that they are used on oil rigs. Gas stations are known for being particularly unstable. Rugged computers prove to be a great benefit to those who are involved in the mining and sourcing of natural gasses. Rugged computers can withstand any potential hazard which makes them a great option for people who work in particularly unstable and potentially hazardous environments. Gas stations can be found all around the world – wherever you do find one you’ll likely find a rugged computer, too.

Construction Sites

On construction sites, rugged computers are a common sight. They are most often carried by the foreman or the manager of the site. They are used on construction sites so that they do not become damaged. A construction site is a very unpredictable and hazardous environment – several different things could theoretically go wrong which is why they are employed. If you work in a construction site, then you will likely know how precious data, maps, and planning can be – if all of that is compromised by a broken computer, the entire job can be in jeopardy.

Rugged computers are a fantastic invention and something invaluable to a variety of different professions. We hope that you have enjoyed, and learned, from this article. Thank you for reading – please come back and visit us again soon.


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