Pominville Brings Sabres Back

Buffalo Sabres, that had shown the worst record in NHL history a year ago has made a surprising comeback as they claim victory for the consecutive fifth game. The game that brought victory to Sabres over the Minnesota Wilds was headed for a tie with a score of 2-2. Jason Pominville however, at the last 1:30 remaining at the timer managed to score the final goal that gave the Sabres another win for their longest streak since 2012.

Jason Pominville became the center of attention as the player scored his ninth goal of the season. Pominville in an interview after the game gave out a statement that stated that the Sabres are now a different group that not only has a different mindset developed around the game but also has a different attitude as compared to the past. According to Pominville, we will be seeing more of these come-from-behind victories from the Buffalo Sabres in the matches to come.

Jason Pominville Brings Sabres Back

Jason Pominville

The Sabres were losing face and integrity and the idea of changing the coach seemed like a desperate attempt that could have backfired if Phil Housley hadn’t performed this well. The game turned as the defender Linus Ullmark showed great performance saving 37 goals along with the score by Jake McCabe that ultimately aided in the team’s win. The coach expressed his concerns regarding the stadium being the home ground of the Wilds. According to USA Today, Housley said, “They (Minnesota Wilds) are deadly in this building.”

Minnesota player Devan Dubnyk in the post-game interview expressed his thoughts that the beginning part of the game seemed like a virtuous moment that shouldn’t have been lost. This is the first time that Buffalo managed to score 26 points and that too in the first 20 games. At least since the 2009-10 season. Fans have been waiting for far too long for a radical development such as this from the Sabres.

The reaction from the crowd was as loud and encouraging as was expected. Although the battle was on the opponent’s home grounds, the victory roared through the stadium as mobs rushed in to celebrate with the team. A lot of people got lost in the mob-run and lost their phones,however, they were recovered through mobile spy apps later. The match was a surprising and suspenseful venture that held a lot of significance in the eyes of all those that have had interest in the history and the context of the sport in Minnesota. With cheers from the crowd as well as the losing team moving them forward, Sabres are expected to have an outstanding performance throughout the year even though fans have already stood up for applaud.


Critics and experts have taken note of the Minnesota match and have criticized the coach along with the defense that could have performed better. With more games to come throughout the remainder of the year, Pominville along with the Sabres have the eyes of the country set on them as they progress further in their streak.

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