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PM Golding Says His Government Remains Committed to Its Vision for Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Prime Minister Bruce Golding says his Government remains committed to its vision for Jamaica, whereby every child must go to a decent school and every adult, to a decent job. He believes that if these goals are achieved, then Jamaica will be well on its way to solving its problems.

Mr. Golding reiterated his Government’s position in his response after being presented with the award for ‘Political man of the Year’ at a function in his honour last Saturday (Sept 6) at the Hilton Hotel. The award was presented to the Prime Minister at the fourth annual JLP South East Clarendon annual fund raising dinner, by the Member of Parliament and Minister of Health, Rudyard Spencer, who heaped praises on him for his outstanding leadership ability.

Reflecting on the many challenges faced by his Government since taking office September last year, Mr. Golding noted that the world has experienced the first global economic downturn in 15-years. “We came to office also battling with the after -effects of hurricane Dean and now the onslaught of Tropical Storm Gustav, but we are not offering any excuses. People still look to us for the same things they voted for. The targets have not been changed and can’t be adjusted”, Mr. Golding said.

He said that under these challenging economic times, his Government will have to accelerate its efforts and will have no excuse but to deliver what is expected and so remains committed to fulfilling its mandate. These commitments he said, would be to restore hope and create opportunities for a better life, to build a society of peace and stability and to entrench integrity in Government and public administration.

Mr. Golding had high praises for the team support he has received from his Cabinet, Ministers of State, and Permanent Secretaries, all of whom he said are committed to making Jamaica the best place in the world. ‘Whatever I have accomplished has not been done alone. I lead a team of dedicated men and women. If this ship of state with its catalogue of challenges is to be taken into the future to achieve prosperity, no one man can do it alone’, Mr. Golding said.

He noted that leadership and popularity were not necessarily the same and that one had to turn away from popularity to provide leadership if the country is to overcome its difficulties. He said it was important to maintain the system of democracy and unity within the overall political system.

Glowing tributes in the form of video endorsements from several Government Ministers, the private sector and members of the South East Clarendon constituency, were dedicated to the Prime Minister during the function. (JIS)

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