Jamaican Diaspora Conference Aftermath

Commentary with Winston Barnes

SOUTH FLORIDA – Following the just concluded Jamaican Diaspora conference in Jamaica, as an attendee, there are a number of observations I consider necessary if not obvious.

For one, people who believe the Jamaican government is only seeking to get money out of Jamaicans who live in the Diaspora, my response to that is not only that it truthful, but it is also delusional to think otherwise.

An example is necessary here.  Ask any police chief anywhere in this country if the tickets written during speed traps are not a help to increasing department revenue and the answer you will get is, yes. But this cannot be articulated. Reality, plain and simple.

Jamaican Diaspora Conference Aftermath

Furthermore, it is about time to stop seeing the Jamaican diaspora conference as the solutions to Jamaica’s multitude of challenges. And to stop behaving as if each and every individual Jamaican overseas has the mystery solution to all that ails Jamaica.

What needs to be given more attention is the ways in which the Jamaican diaspora conference allows and facilitates incredible opportunity for networking at both the individual and business levels.

And a suggestion for the organizers, a special session should be created wherein attendees simply come to, to express their personal opinions on all things Jamaican.

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Commentary with Winston Barnes

Winston Barnes
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Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley

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