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NHAEON Responds to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

North Miami — In light of recent statements made by Governor Ron DeSantis regarding Haitians fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network (NHAEON) wishes to express our profound concern and condemnation. Governor DeSantis’ fear-mongering tactics not only disregard the dire circumstances faced by Haitian people but also overstep the bounds of his authority as a state governor.

It is imperative to recognize that immigration is a federal matter, and the responsibility for addressing the influx of refugees lies primarily with the federal government. Governor DeSantis’s attempts to instill fear and stoke division among communities only serve to exacerbate tensions and hinder efforts to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

In a state with over 1 million Haitian residents, Governor DeSantis should be a beacon of compassion and solidarity, rather than resorting to discriminatory rhetoric and actions. As elected officials representing the interests of Haitian Americans across the nation, we call upon Governor DeSantis to cease his fear-mongering tactics and instead advocate for humane and compassionate solutions to address the plight of Haitian refugees.

As Chair of NHAEON, Mary Estimé-Irvin, aptly stated, “It is disheartening to see Governor DeSantis use his platform to sow fear and division rather than extend a hand of friendship and support to our Haitian brothers and sisters in their time of need. We urge him to reconsider his approach and stand in solidarity with those fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Haiti.”

NHAEON remains committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of Haitian Americans and stands in solidarity with all those affected by the ongoing crisis in Haiti.


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