Playing poker in the Caribbean

Baha Mar Resort Casino
Baha Mar Resort Casino

There may be several positive associations one could have about the Caribbean Islands. Indeed, anyone who enjoys good weather would love to spend their vacation in one of the region’s countries.

However, it may come as a surprise that most of the islands also have at least one casino. Some of them have many more, and poker is their specialty. The rich casino offer, alongside sandy beaches and clear waters make this place one of the top international gaming destinations.

Local color

The richness of casino venues is not the only way in which Caribbean Islands contribute to the popularization of poker. The variation of the game called Caribbean stud poker originated here in 1982, although the precise details of its origins are not entirely known.

The rules of the game are relatively simple and similar to typical poker variants. The main difference is that players compete against the house. There may be others at the table playing simultaneously, but the goal is to beat the dealer. You have to place a wager before the game starts and, assuming your hand is better than the dealer’s, you get paid according to specified payout rules.

Going live

Is playing poker in the Caribbean any different from doing so in any other corner of the world? Perhaps not. At least not in principle. However, there are not too many places where you can enjoy pleasant weather (just mind the hurricane season) and attend prestigious live tournaments at the same time.

Online playing is readily available anywhere, but those famous poker series are what this game is all about. During these significant live events, you can usually try your best in a few most popular game variations. However, knowing texas holdem rules and playing some online games will do an excellent job of introducing you to poker beforehand.

There is no shortage of poker action on a regular basis in the Caribbean. People can visit casinos located in Curaçao, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, St. Lucia, Aruba, Martinique, Puerto Rico, and of course – Bahamas. However, the best players come for the best opportunities.

Professionals welcomed

There are two major poker series to mention here. The first was introduced by the industry’s giant PokerStars back in 2004, where it was held on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship called Voyager of the Seas. Since 2005, the event has been taking place at the Atlantis Casino located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Unsurprisingly, many American players were attending and succeeding at a series of events over the years. That includes the biggest ever cash prize winner Galen Hall from the 2011 Main Event. He took home a nice sum of $15,132,000. Unfortunately, as of 2020, the series has been declared discontinued.

That leaves us with another great card playing opportunity provided by Partypoker. Known by the name of Caribbean Poker Party, the event also takes place in the Bahamas, in the country’s capital city – Nassau – where Baha Mar Resort Casino is located. However, this year’s competitions were held online. It concluded on the 25th of November with Diego Ventura winning the CPP Online Main Event taking home $880,000. The series will pick up around the same time in 2021.


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