Playing Games Online: A Cure for Boredom During a Pandemic

Playing Games Online: A Cure for Boredom During a Pandemic - Solitaire

Online games are more popular now than ever before. Since the pandemic has almost imprisoned us in our homes with nowhere to go, you need productive activities to fill your time. Sure, TV has its place, who doesn’t love binge-watching their favorite shows? Books are also great if you want to get lost at Hogwarts or time-travel to Scotland in the 18th century. Music and a dance party can be fun, especially if you have kids.

What Online Games Should I Play?

Sometimes you want to have a little more fun and get lost for a little while, and we’re here to help. There are tonnes and tonnes of free games out there to suit your style.


An oldie but goodie is the traditional solitaire. There’s something terribly pleasing about watching the cards get dealt, and the strategy of what card to move and when to turn over another. Even getting stuck on moves is interesting, because you have to see if there’s a workaround for whatever mess you’re dealing with. Four aces in one stack of cards, anyone? The best part is the satisfying way the cards bounce when you manage to win a hand. Solitaire is the perfect hint of nostalgia mixed with up-to-date gameplay. And if classic solitaire is your go-to game, but you want something new, try variations like Free Cell or Pyramid Solitaire. Be sure to give any classic solitaire card games free versions a try the next time you can’t sleep.

Jigsaw Puzzles

A little more involving are games like jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles are great since most of them are pretty straightforward. You can quickly assemble one virtually while watching a baseball game or the news. You can select the number of puzzle pieces before getting started. Whatever choice you make determines the difficulty level of your game.

Fortunately, there are numerous options for everyone. Jigsaw masters might prefer 1,000 piece monochromatic masterpieces, while your kids might like smaller Disney puzzles. There are also no rules for assembling a puzzle: you can start each new session with a fresh mind and customize each to meet your needs. Are you a renegade who likes to start in the middle or gather by color? That’s great! Do what works for you. Meanwhile, other people prefer to start with the edges.


If you’re up for some severe nostalgia or you like playing classic games, Tetris is the game for you. A little strategy, fast reflexes, and addictive music make Tetris a winner even almost 40 years since its invention. Take about five minutes, or so, manipulating those little shapes (did you know they’re called tetrominoes?), and you’ll hear that satisfying bleep when a line disappears. In no time, you’ll be whisked back to the 1980s.

More Online Games for You

If you want to find out more about online games, a simple web search should do the trick. You’ll find online versions of the arcade games you love but can’t play right now since most arcades are currently closed. Sudoku, crosswords, and even kids’ games like Memory, are all available on the web. Board games like Monopoly and Battleship are available, too, and you can even take part in role-playing games online with friends over Zoom or other mobile meeting sites.

Final Thoughts

Online games are a novel way to explore new games as well as old favorites. Seek out logic games or math puzzles, board games, or arcade favorites. You can choose to play alone or with your family. You can even occupy your kids and get a few moments of peace. However you decide to play, and no matter what you play, make sure you relax and have fun.

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