Party Favors to Make the Most of Your Office Christmas Party

Few traditions hold up like the office Christmas or holiday party. Everyone forgets about the job for a while and relaxes. They might have adult beverages and sit around talking about the past year. Your employees can look ahead to the following year and all that it might bring with it.

If you want to make your holiday Christmas party as fun as possible, you’ll need to get creative. You might have a hot chocolate bar or let everyone decorate their own gingerbread house. You can have ugly sweaters or a photo booth.

You might also buy party favors for all your workers. You can put them in stockings and give each employee one. Let’s talk about office Christmas party favor ideas you can buy in 2022.

Finger Puppets

It’s easy to forget you’re an adult when Christmas rolls around each year. When it does, you might think about the past. You were a kid once, and you probably sat up waiting for Santa and thinking about that special toy you felt sure he would bring.

If you fill up the employee Christmas stockings with little toys and trinkets each year, you probably want some interactive ones. For instance, you might put holiday-themed finger puppets in each stocking.

When your workers see those and put them on their fingers, they’ll probably act like kids again. They can act out little skits as they enjoy unwinding at the party after the workday ends. Holiday finger puppets that look like Santa, elves, reindeer, and other favorites should remind your workers they don’t need to act like adults every minute.

Holiday Ornaments

You can get some customized holiday ornaments and put them in the stockings at the Christmas party. You might get a company to make some that symbolize your business in some way. 

For instance, you may get ones that feature the company logo. If you have a special saying that epitomizes your business model, you can decorate the ornaments with it.

You can include an ornament in each stocking, and that way, your employees can take them home and decorate their own tree with them. It’s a nice branding effort, and if any relatives come to visit that employee over the holidays, they’ll probably comment on the ornament’s creativity.

office christmas party favorsLittle Chocolates and Other Treats

It’s hard to imagine a Christmas stocking that does not come with some tasty treats inside. You can get some holiday-themed Reece’s cups. The company puts some out every year shaped like little Christmas trees. They’re always a popular favorite.

You might get some candy canes and include those as well. You might get some gummy items or little candy boxes with holiday themes.

You can also get s’mores-themed items. You can include a mug in each stocking equipped with a little Hershey bar, a graham cracker, and a marshmallow. You can let each worker use the break room microwave to make themselves a s’more, or they can do it at home instead.

Practical Gifts

You might mix in some practical items with the whimsical ones in each stocking you hand out at Christmas time. Practical gifts can make good party favors, too.

For instance, you might get some pens with the company logo on them. You can get little notepads and pencils with the company symbol or name at the top.

You can get flash drives with the company logo, or you might order some magnets or chip clips. If you buy all of those from the same company, you can usually get a discount.

You might get each worker a little ice scraper. If you live in a region with snow and ice, they’ll probably want that at some point. You may include a lip gloss with the company name on it, too.

You can get some beer koozies with the company logo or maybe a bottle opener in each stocking. You can get some earbuds with holiday colors and the company name on each one.

These are all practical gifts, but they will help you with your branding efforts as well. That’s always a good idea year-round.


You can get some customized, holiday-themed candles and put one or two in each stocking or gift bag at the Christmas party. You might get some green, red, and white ones, symbolizing the season.

You can order ones that smell like holly, mistletoe, peppermint, and other holiday flavors that people should enjoy. You can even get some that smell like sugar cookies and other tasty holiday treats.

Cold Weather Drinks

You can always go with cold weather drinks to round out the holiday party bags or stockings you pass out to your workers. You can get them each some flavored coffees if you know you have some caffeine junkies working for you. Maybe you’ll get them some flavorful hot chocolate mixes instead.

You can get some artisanal drink mixes in little bags or cups. You can include several different ones, and then your employees can have fun trading them if they have a particular kind that they like.

Make the Party Fun for Your Workers

Your employees should like the party atmosphere more if you can come up with some fun, silly items to include as party favors. You can get some of the whimsical items we mentioned and some of the practical ones as well. Make sure you have some edible stocking stuffers, since everyone loves having a few sweet or savory treats around the holidays.

You can certainly pass out stockings or bags with the goodies we mentioned inside, but your workers will probably want bonuses as well. You might hand out cards with cash in them at the party, too. You may also go with gift cards or something like that if you feel it’s more appropriate.

Try to make the event special for your employees. They work hard for you during the year and now’s your chance to show you appreciate them.


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