Pam Keith Leading In The Polls For U.S. Senate Seat

Pam Keith Leads Both Marco Rubio And Alan Grayson Latest Poll In U.S. Senate Race

SOUTH FLORIDA – The latest poll in the U.S. Senate race indicates that candidate Pam Keith (D) leads both Marco Rubio (R) and Alan Grayson (D).

Pam Keith came in with 19.44%, Marco Rubio with 18.65% and Alan Grayson with 11.9%. Patrick Murphy (D) led the overall straw poll with 34.92%.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) conducted the straw poll on August 4, 2016 in Hillsborough County for the 2016 Community Political Forum.

These results show a favorable response for the Keith campaign who has focused on grass roots tactics only instead of traditional advertising.

Keith is currently in Martha’s Vineyard fundraising for a last hard push in her campaign. The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate will be chosen on August 30, 2016.

Pam Keith, Democratic Candidate for United States Senate
Pam Keith, Democratic Candidate for United States Senate

Keith is an accomplished corporate attorney who earned her law degree at Boston College.

She is a second generation Navy Veteran, who while serving, was given the position of Officer in Charge of the legal office detachment in Bahrain. She provided legal services to the military units that were responsible for overseeing Saddam Hussein’s compliance with sanctions and weapons inspections.

Keith, the daughter of a US Diplomat and Ambassador, spent her life throughout the world and across the United States – Keith sees America clearly and knows its power. She has experienced its promise and has witnessed its challenges. She knows the difference between Bedouin and Berber, Sunni and Shia.

Although well-traveled, she knows what it means to be Black in the South. She knows student loan debt, being female in the military, the complexity of Labor laws, the promise of energy storage, and what impacts climate change will mean to people on Florida’s coast in our foreseeable future.

Along with this knowledge, Keith has a passion to legislate so that America can maintain its power, fulfill its promise and overcome its challenges.

For more information on Keith’s background and her policy priorities visit pamkeithforsenate2016.com


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