New Online Tool and Policy Memo Highlight Mitt Romney’s Vulnerabilities with Women

CHICAGO – As Mitt Romney campaigns alongside Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell today, Obama for America released “The Life of Julia”, an online interactive tool where every woman can see for herself just what is at stake in this election. The tool tracks how President Obama and Mitt Romney’s policies will affect Julia, a typical middle-class woman, at each step in her life–from early childhood, through her school years, until she has a child of her own, starts a business and retires.   
Obama for America is also releasing a new memo this morning that details how Mitt Romney’s policies undermine women’s economic security. Mitt Romney and Bob McDonnell have some explaining to do to American women about their extreme agendas: both would refuse to stand up for equal pay for equal work and take women’s critical health care decisions out of their hands.
Using this new online tool, moms can see what President Obama and Mitt Romney’s contrasting policies will mean for their daughters. Students and recent graduates can see what they will mean for them, their sisters and their friends. Working women and seniors can use this online tool to see what this election will mean for their ability to earn a living, support their families and retire comfortably.
President Obama believes that women like Julia should have access to the resources they need to advance our common well-being — from equal pay for equal work to expanding access to quality, affordable health care, child care and education.  Supporting women in every stage of their lives is not only the right thing to do—it is an investment in building an economy that is built to last.
This week Mitt Romney said that when people ask him what he’ll do for the economy, he would “look at what the President’s done, and do the opposite.” When individuals go online and see “The Life of Julia”, they’ll see exactly what he means – and what that would mean for women.

Please click here to use the online tool.


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