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On-line help for Primary and High School Caribbean Students

PLANTATION – The developers of CaribbeanExams have taken elearning for primary and high school students to a new level! Students are now able to use the company’s examination preparation system found at www.caribbeanexams.com to take online practice tests and review material covered in grades 4-13.

Primary school

The 11+ component of the system provides practice tests in mathematics, science, English language and social studies. In addition, the system provides pertinent Language Arts revision material for students in grades four to six. This component of the system adequately prepares students for their 11+ examinations.

High school

The high school component of the system dubbed High School Practice Tests (HSPT), provides revision material and practice tests for students in grades 7-13.

The grade seven to nine component of the system provides revision material and practice tests in mathematics and English. The grades 10-11 component provides practice tests and revision material in mathematics, English, information technology, literature, accounts, geography, principles of business, Spanish, physics, chemistry and biology.

While the grades 12-13 component of the system provides revision material and practice tests in chemistry, mathematics and physics.


All tests are simulated, so students must work in a proficient manner to complete same. However, students have the opportunity to: pause the timer and take a break, stop the timer and return another day to complete the test, or if they are finished taking a test before the time has expired, they can stop the timer and have their test graded immediately.

Conversely, once the time expires, the system automatically stops the student and grades the test. Test results are made available immediately and students are also afforded the opportunity to peruse their graded paper.


Students have the option to re-sit an entire test multiple times or they can choose to resubmit only the questions they got incorrect with a view to improving their final score.

24/7 Online help desk with free homework assistance

In addition to test preparation, facilitators are available 24/7 via the system’s online help desk to assist students with their homework and assignments. If students need an explanation to a question they can immediately send an online query to a facilitator who will provide a response/explanation.

Students studying information technology are able to get real assistance with pseudocode/algorithm development and programming assignments from a cadre of IT professionals.

Real time online grade book

Each student is provided with an online grade book that records their scores, calculates their average and hosts a copy of each graded paper. Scores are sent to the grade book immediately after a test is taken. This way, parents and teachers are afforded the opportunity to conveniently monitor students’ performance.

Free one day pass

Parents, students and schools can access the system by requesting a free pass, which will afford them the opportunity to peruse the system prior to registering.

Caribbeanexams can be contacted at [email protected] or at (954) 687-3375. You can visit the company’s website at www.caribbeanexams.com.

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