New Memoir Retraces Author’s Steps from Jamaica to U.S.

Bowling Green, KY – Ivan L. Flynn’s new memoir “A Checkered Path to Destiny” (published by AuthorHouse) is about the survival of a young man born into a rural area of Jamaica. It recalls his constant desire to find a place to call home and a fit place for him in Jamaican society.

“Miss Bell had relatives who lived in the rural area and would ship her baskets of food. To pick up the baskets at the Jamaica Railway Corporation depot in downtown Kingston, you had to sign for it – but I couldn’t write my name. I knew how to count thanks to my days at Spring Garden, but signing my name meant a new beginning – and a rather stressful endeavor for me. However, Miss Bell patiently taught me to sign, ‘Lloyd Flynn.’ I had to practice for quite a while, but she was confident that I would accomplish the mission – and indeed I did, to great fanfare.”

Flynn believes “A Checkered Path to Destiny” will incite readers to pause and reflect on their own lives. He believes it may help them “… reflect on how fortunate they are and how much they take for granted.”

About the Author

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Ivan L. Flynn was born in Jamaica, a Caribbean island country under British colonial rule. He was considered part of the lower class in Jamaica and with no formal education he invariably became a product of that environment. He had no stable home life while growing up.

Flynn is self-taught, and he possesses no letters of education or certificate of any formal academic training. He taught himself life’s skills by watching others; whether it was driving a motor vehicle or operating million dollar machines at several of the jobs he had during his working career. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1969 and his work history includes more than 29 years with the General Motors Corporation.

Flynn is a happily-married father, grandfather and great-grandfather, a church worker and mentor. He also volunteers at a local hospital.

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