New Caribbean-American Talent, J.R. Evans releases debut song

MIAMI – Untamed Entertainment is proud to introduce J.R. Evan as he releases his brand new single, “Wine Some More”, a fun Caribbean dance song that will keep your body moving.

Born In Canada to Jamaican parents, J.R. migrated to Miami as a child. His talent blossomed in the church choir. J.R.’s voice was later polished as the lead vocalist of a top 40 pop band. He has since created a sound that thrills and inspires listeners.

J.R.’s mixed cultural upbringing created in him a love for all genres of music, which inspires his sound. His flawless transformation from Caribbean rhythms to R&B grooves is second nature.

J.R. is presently working on his debut album titled, “Mixed Generations” due out in late 2013.

Once in a while we are blessed with a special artist, say hello to J.R. Evan.

View his video from his debut song, “Wine Some More”, http://www.sflcn.com/multimedia.php?id=nGqW2H5LKks

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