Naomi Cowan – Energy

Meet the team who made this possible:

A 7th C Records & Walshy Fire collaboration Shot on Location at Belcour Lodge, Home of Belcour Preserves

Music Producer: Izy Beats @izyareyoukiddingme @creativetitans

Director: Kia Moses @meshmarina

Producer: Alysia Francis @alysiafrancis

Assistant Director: Annalise McClure @annalisemcclure

Production Supervisor: Annalise McClure @annalisemcclure

DP: Jevonee Roberts, Design Dojo @jevonee @designdojo

Grip: Daviean Dennis, Design Dojo @davedojo @designdojo

Set Design: Lindsey Lodenquai @lindseylodenquai

Lighting Technicians: O’Neil “Shac” Harris & Gary Sailsman

Editor: Jesse Suchomel @jessesuchomel

Colourist: Andrew Astwood @andykane05

Stylist: Ayana Rivière @ayanariviere

Makeup: Tonisha Kong @tonishakong

BTS Content: JP Williams @jpxwillo

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