“My Girl Sugar Pop” Hits Miami Top Reggae Chart

MIAMI- Jamaican-born Australian artiste, Trench Town is prospecting for a hit with his latest single “My Girl Sugar Pop” currently Number 1 in the Mikey B Top 10 chart. Found on the dial of WAVS 1170 in South Florida, the Mikey B chart has been praised for its conscientious presentation of the chart,
and for this Trench Town feels highly honored and vindicated to be Number One.

This is the second song from the Conscious Production label and studio of Mackie Conscious to make number one on a chart outside of Jamaica. The first being “Jamaica 50” a production of Mackie Conscious in 2012 which is also the number one song on the Tadd’s International record label.

My Girl Sugar Pop is actually a rendition of “My Boy Lollypop” originally sung by Millie Smalls, but written and performed for the girls instead. In the same way “My Boy Lollypop” dominated the international charts, “My Girl Sugar Pop” is upbeat and will follow the same trend.

Several other radio disc jockeys have taken a strong liking to it already and are treating it with almost the same respect that accorded the Millie Small version in the 1960s.

In Australia, Trench Town is an auto electrician and restaurant operator but his foré is music and entertainment. He previously did a reggae album but felt he had to come back to Jamaica to soak up the real reggae vibes before launching his sophomore recording.

“So, whereas “My Boy Lollypop” created a wave and a new craze among a frenzied legion of fans, there is much anticipation that “My Girl Sugar Pop” can rekindle flashes of those glory moments,” said Mackie Conscious, Conscious Production, founder.

During his visit back to his homeland, Trench Town did collaborate with Montego Bay’s cultured singer Atowa at the studios of Conscious Production in Mt. Salem. The ‘My Girl Sugar Pop’ singer said he was impressed with the facilities of the studio and the song “ETHIOPIA IS MY HOME,” which was
recorded there. A demo version can be heard on the youtube.com version below.


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