The Sweetest Girl to be screened at Hollywood Florida Film Festival

Hollywood Florida Film Festival will screen short film

[Hollywood, Fla.] — Backdoor Entertainment LLC, LA PhiLA Productions and R.D.J.A DES LLC have announced today that, The Sweetest Girl, is a compelling true crime thriller, suspenseful and provocative love story, set in Haiti, haunted by human trafficking and gun violence, from Samuel Ladouceur (“A Great Day in Harlem,” “Power,” “Boardwalk Empire”) will be virtually screened at Hollywood Florida Film Festival happening on Saturday, November 6th at 7pm RSVP here 

A Poignant Short

“The Sweetest Girl benefits from its strong ensemble cast largely led by Genji Jacques, known as the ‘Haitian’ Denzel Washington and whose presence here is strong and transparent and resigned and carrying of years of secrets and trauma and awareness. 

The Independent Critic – Richard Propes

The Sweetest Film…

“The Sweetest Girl is the sort of short that starts in your head but ends in your heart.” 


The Sweetest Girl: A True Story, From The Heart Of Haiti

“…is evocative and heart-tugging in manners that short films seldom manage to achieve.” 

-Indie Short Mag Team

Childhood friends of 30 years and now award-winning filmmakers, Harry Jeudy (Executive Producer, Co-Screenwriter), Samuel Ladouceur (Director) and Yanatha Desouvre (Producer, Co-Screenwriter) reunited in August 2020 during the 2020 peak of the Covid-19, to write, produce and direct this moving short film, The Sweetest Girl. This award-winning film is already getting Oscar buzz for 2022.

Honoring Haitian Heritage

This short not only honors their Haitian American heritage, it’s a love letter of hope that pays homage to their childhood hero, Grammy Winner and Haitian American artist Wyclef Jean and the Fugees, whose music helped these filmmakers heal through bouts of xenophobia and bullying which negatively affected their mental health. and hopes to bounce back from these traumatic moments, stronger and more resilient.

Touching on universal themes of love, hope and redemption, this compelling short film shows a brotherhood of three decades is committed to bounce back from these traumatic moments. Emerging stronger and more resilient with better days ahead.  Ayomi Russell, who plays the role of April Andrelie, said, 

“The one thing I want people to take away from this film is that it’s really nice to see the Haitian culture portrayed, because it’s really such a rich culture, it’s [the richness] not something that is portrayed a lot.”

The Plot 

Written by prolific screenwriter Harry Jeudy (“A Great Day in Harlem”) and acclaimed author Yanatha Desouvre (‘Revelations: Roads to Redemption,’ one of the top downloaded e-books in 2020 in the African American, mystery thriller and suspense fiction categories on Amazon.com) follows a loving marriage of 25 years that comes to a deadly end when a husband is compelled to tell his wife his most heart-shattering secret while she is on her deathbed directed by Samuel Ladouceur (“A Great Day in Harlem) ‘The Sweetest Girl’ is part of the second book from the Goodman Chronicles series, ‘Revelations: Roads to Redemption.’ It uses familiar characters from the 2018 novel that explores the characters’ unique emotional journeys. The storylines of complex, interwoven characters will navigate through larger themes of human connection: guilt, redemption, love, and hope.

Hollywood Film Festival

Hollywood film festival

 The Hollywood Florida Film Festival was formed with an objective to unite the community of Hollywood Florida through the medium of cinema. The Hollywood Florida Film Festival’s objective is to unite the community of Hollywood Florida through the medium of cinema. Compelling stories are being told across the globe. We want to bring these high quality films to our neighborhood. “Life does imitate art, if we can inspire one individual through short stories, feature films and/or documentaries, then maybe we can help make a difference,” say founder Minh Collins

The film’s screenwriter, is a poet with more than a decade of experience in English, African and African American literature. He is the founder and principal owner of Backdoor Entertainment LLC. 

 Ladouceur has worked on countless short films, major films, and television shows such as “Person of Interest,” “Unstoppable,” “Power” and “Boardwalk Empire.” In 2018, he directed and produced the short film, “A Great Day in Harlem,” which is currently airing in major markets nationally on ABC, Fox, CBS, and other network affiliates. He is the founder of LA PhiLA Productions and the vice president of Backdoor Entertainment LLC.

 Desouvre is a best-selling Amazon.com author, professor of entrepreneurship at Miami Dade College and public speaker. His latest novella, “Revelations: Roads to Redemption,” pays homage to Wyclef Jean’s discographyAdditionally, the author of the 2016 novella “To Whom Much is Given,” the first of the Goodman Chronicles series. Desouvre has been featured in various print publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Daily News. As well as Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Haitian Times, Sentinel HT, HuffPost and Black Enterprise. In addition to television outlets such as South Florida PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC. 

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