Moving With Kids Tips: Your Guide For A Smooth Move With Children


Guide For A Smooth Move With Children

The process of moving long distance to California is already an emotional roller coaster ride for adults. Now imagine how the process must feel like for kids. Fortunately, moving doesn’t have to mean frequent tantrums and practically dragging your kids all the way to California. Our professional movers will give you the lowdown on how to move with kids successfully, from breaking the news to your kids to hiring affordable packing services on a budget. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it through your long distance move without tears and a whole lot of screaming.

Plan Your Move Outside The School Year

 As parents, you’d want to save money on moving costs as much as possible. However, this also means moving during the winter, when moving demand is low. This isn’t good for moving with kids because it means uprooting them in the middle of the school year. Not only will it affect your kid’s mental and emotional well-being, but it will also affect them academically.

Even if moving costs are a lot higher, it’s still better to plan your move during the summer. This way, your kids won’t have problems adjusting to their new school mid-term.

 Notify Your Kids Early

As soon as you confirm that you are indeed moving to California, it’s time to sit down with your kids and let them know about the move. Don’t just surprise them with the news a couple of weeks before the big day, and don’t simply assume that they’ll learn to be okay with the decision.

As a parent, you may think that your word is the law, and if your child doesn’t want to move, they will just have to learn to like it. You have to tell your kids early because they may need some convincing and support to get them on board. Sit down with your kids, tell them the news, and if they react negatively, consider talking to them one-by-one.

By simply showing your kids that you’re willing to listen to their objections, work on them, and find a viable solution shows that you respect their opinions enough, and they will warm up to the idea sooner rather than later.

 For most kids, the biggest problem with moving is that they have to be apart from their friends. If they’re having a hard time informing their friends, you can even invite them over for a snack and help your child break the news to them.

 Involve Your Kids in the Process of Moving

When it comes to packing help, you can choose to hire professionals or turn the process of packing into a family activity. Kids love to be involved in significant decisions, so they’ll feel better about the move if you give them control over some decisions.

When it comes to moving with kids, downsizing is usually necessary. You can help your child pack and set aside toys, gadgets, and other possessions to be donated and sold. Kids don’t like the thought of letting go of old possessions, but they will cheer up at the prospect of new ones.

If you choose to go with professional packing services, hire a moving company that is okay with working with kids. Your kids may prefer to watch as professional movers go about packing your household items, or they may want to work with the movers in their way. Not all companies have friendly movers who are great with kids, so choose wisely.

Allow Them To Get Used To The New Home

If you’re moving to California because you were able to purchase a new home there, consider visiting the new home with your kids to do minor renovations. This will give your kids the opportunity to choose wallpaper designs or paint colors, possible room decor, and other things around the house.

 Moving is always easier if you start to feel at home in your new place. The same is valid for kids, so regularly visiting the new house to renovate and decorate it will help them feel more comfortable in their new environment.

Throw A Farewell Party For Your Kids

Adults usually throw a farewell party a couple of weeks before they move so they can spend whatever time they have left with friends and family. Consider throwing the same for your kids. Moving should be seen as a happy and optimistic occasion, not something to mope over.

Make it clear to your kids and their friends that just because you’re moving doesn’t mean they can no longer be friends. Thanks to technology, people can now maintain friendships over long distances.

Moving will always affect your kids – it could be positive, or it could be negative. The process of moving doesn’t have to be harder just because you have kids. Just remember that open communication and emotional support can come a long way to help your kids adjust to this significant event in their lives.


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