Most Common Gambling and Casino Myths Explained

Gambling and Casino Myths

When it comes to gambling and casino myths, a combination of skill and luck characterizes this popular activity. This appealing aura gives it a mysterious quality that creates many gambling myths. Some are loosely connected to real life, while others are figments of our overactive imaginations.

Many myths about gambling suggest that casinos always aim to cheat players. Some myths also offer ways to fight back and increase your chances of winning. Most casino myths fail to mention that payout percentages depend on the game’s RNG (random number generator). This RNG is tightly regulated and is often even promoted by casinos.

This guide will examine many of these superstitions and show the differences between gambling myths versus facts. Below you’ll find the most popular casino slot myths, both for online and land-based casinos. Simultaneously, it also includes superstitious legends regarding table games, dealers, and players.

Gambling And Casino Myths: Casino Games Are Rigged

This is one of the most well-known gambling myths. While it relies on facts from the past, imagination has taken it too far (as have many others on our list). Casinos, like any other business, need to make money long-term. They do this by profiting from the house edge.

All games of chance have a statistical design that allows the casino to make more than it pays to its players over time. But remember: this does not mean that you can’t win or that the odds against you are unfair.

The casino has thousands, if not millions of players. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t suffer losses. Casinos and game developers simulate billions of games every day using a Random Number Generator. This software ensures a precise payback percentage for every player and equal chances to win.

Authorities that regulate online and land-based casinos also monitor RNGs. Play responsibly, forget the conspiracy theories, and accept that you may lose occasionally. That’s the beauty of the game!

Card Counting Is Illegal

When it comes to gambling and casino myths, let’s first clarify the legal situation: counting cards isn’t illegal. You won’t be sent to jail for counting cards at a casino. The casino doesn’t want you counting cards at their tables. The reason is that you are using your skills to increase your chances to win and tilt the house advantage in your favor.

If the venue catches you counting cards, it may ask you to leave immediately. Other casinos will also be notified about your identity so that they can ban you. Casinos cannot bring you to a court or take legal action against you for counting cards. The funny thing is, many casinos are trying to blur the lines between myth and fact, in this case, to keep players believing that the law is on their side.

Online Gambling Attracts More Underage Gamblers

Online casinos pose a significant concern regarding underage gambling. Players aren’t required to be physically present at a casino, so it is easier for minors not to gamble. Therefore, as far as gambling and casino myths go, this entry on the list is among the most stubborn.

Online casinos have strict rules regarding identity verification, documents, and monitoring player accounts. It is almost impossible for minors to access casino accounts. Simultaneously, it’s similarly impossible to test any system thoroughly. Regardless, online casinos invest millions in age verification processes and technologies so that the problem of minors gambling is less prevalent than media reports might suggest.

All Casino Games Are Pure Luck

Although luck plays a vital role in casino games and is always a factor, the myth that all games rely on chance is not valid. There are two types of casino games: “soft” games, which mainly rely on luck, and “skill” games, which allow players to use their skills to influence the game’s outcome to some extent.

Because there is little that a player can do to change the spin’s outcome, or the number that comes up in a draw, bingo and slots are soft games. Table games are essentially games of skill because players can use their skills to play Texas Hold ’em poker or count cards at blackjack. This gambling myth is not valid. Although it may not be pure luck, luck and chance still play a significant role in all casino games.

The Outcome of Your Game Can Be Affected by Other Players

When looking at various gambling and casino myths, the idea of others or yourself having a lot of control over the game(s) pops up a lot. This one suggests that other players can influence the outcome of your game. This mindset is in addition to gambling myths that claim you can control the outcome. As we have already explained, this is impossible. The RNG determines all outcomes of luck-based games.

Just like all your spins in roulette or casts of dice, the random nature of these castings and reel spins is what makes them unique from other players. You may still be concerned about this myth. Why not try an online casino instead? You don’t have to worry about anything other than your gameplay since you can initiate your encrypted session directly with the casino.

To Win, You Must Wager More or the Maximum

This myth about casino slots is partly true. Some slot machines pay out bigger wins if the maximum wager is allowed. The average RTP (Return-to-Player percentage) is in the 92%-to-95% range. You will only see the difference in significant wins, which are rare. In the meantime, you’ll have to play more, increasing your chance of losing money.

Several strategies are popular among slot players, particularly with progressive jackpots. It’s a common misconception that more betting can lead to better results. These theories are difficult to prove.

Online Casinos Are a Scam

As far as gambling and casino myths go, it is essential to be careful when searching for online casinos. While there are unlicensed casinos, most online casinos are licensed and highly regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), MGA, and other reputable authorities.

For example, online casinos operating in the UK must hold a UKGC license. They are also regularly audited and tested. This license requires that casinos comply with all areas, including their Responsible Gambling policies, Customer Approval procedures, and other areas related to social responsibility and customer protection.

At, they only list casinos that have been fully licensed and are 100% legal for the above reasons. They extensively research all online casinos we review and provide detailed and up-to-date information.

Final Thoughts

Most gambling myths exist due to superstitions and little else. This article disentangles casino myths and facts by simply stating the truth. However, myths about cheating dealers, casinos tampering in odds, and rigged games sometimes replace common sense, particularly for players who have had a bad luck spell.

If you have a losing streak, just leave the casino and forget about the conspiracy theories. This attitude will make it easier to return next time with more chances to win. We hope that this list of the most common gambling and casino myths will help you have more fun safely in the future. Good luck!



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