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American online retailer gaming laptop distributes name-brand and generic consumer electronics and outdoor gear under its private label, which gaming laptop bears the company’s name. Monoprice also sells generic versions of name-brand consumer goods. Rancho Cucamonga, in California, is home to the company’s headquarters. Jong Lee and Sauk Hong were responsible for the launch of Monoprice in 2002. If you don’t buy your cables (yes, some of us still use cables) from Monoprice, you will disappoint me. However, the online retailer started with cables and components (and component cables). Still, it has been expanding for years into dozens of different electronics categories, with the most recent addition being equipment for your trips to the great outdoors.

monoprice headphones


In particular, monoprice 110010 “Pure Outdoor” line competes with products sold by companies such as Goal Zero and Anker. The Monoprice foldable solar panel is virtually identical to Anker’s PowerPort Solar Lite, which has received positive feedback from customers. However, the Monoprice model costs only $40, while the Anker model costs approximately $50. Larger “power cache” with a battery that has a much greater capacity. It is more comparable to GoalZero’s Yeti series in that it features full-on grounded plugs and sufficient power to recharge your laptop several times over. Expect to pay $180 for the privilege; this choice may be more appropriate for an emergency kit or go bag.


In addition to selling solar-powered equipment and outdoor accessories, Monoprice is considering entering the bicycle market; however, contrary to what one might expect, the company intends to compete at the upscale end of the market.


Monoprice manufactures lightweight carbon components such as seat posts, handlebars, and wheels. In the interim, the company will sell e-bike conversion kits manufactured by third parties. Eventually, the company plans to manufacture its own.

Are outdoor specialty shops like Cabela’s and REI as vulnerable to extinction as the tigers, bears, and other animals of the mountains that their customers actively seek to experience? Brick-and-mortar electronic stores are about as common as hen’s teeth these days. So we won’t have to worry about them for the foreseeable future.

If you spend enough time around people passionate about 3D printing, you will eventually hear the word “clone” used in conversation. We use it to refer to any 3D printer that is not a one-of-a-kind model, describing many machines available today. The Monoprice Joule is a rebadged version of the Voxelab Aquila X2 that was released in 2021 and was evaluated by us. This represents an advanced level of cloning. When one company resells an old product created by another company under its labeling, this practice is referred to as “rebadging.” Everything at Costco that has the Kirkland label on it was manufactured by a third party and rebranded as Costco’s house brand by the retailer. Costco is full of rebadged products.

The Monoprice Joule, which can be purchased for a retail price of $199.99, contains features that are comparable to those found on the 2020 Creality Ender 3 v2, which can be opened in a new tab. Glass beds, manual leveling, Bowden extruders, and a color LED interface with a knob are all features shared by each of these machines.


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