Miramar’s Vice Mayor Hosts Legal Forum To Assist Miramar Residents

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City of Miramar Vice Mayor Maxwell B. Chambers and the Jamaican Bar Association presented a free American Legal Forum on Saturday March 11, 2017
Maxwell B Chambers Vice Mayor-City of Miramar

Maxwell B Chambers
Vice Mayor-City of Miramar

MIRAMAR – City of Miramar Vice Mayor Maxwell B. Chambers and the Jamaican Bar Association were saying No Problem we can help on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Miramar Cultural Center.

  • Your man ain’t acting right?  No Problem!  Want to stop paying rent?  No Problem!  Scared of your status in this country?  No Problem! 

Several individuals from the Miramar community attended the free legal forum and appeared to be pleased with the results.

Upon entering the cultural center, your first point of contact was several businesses that had tables in the lobby.  Their purpose, was to educate the community about their services.

For example, Margo Morgan and Julie Warren from Morgan Realty & Management Services Inc. stated that they offer you “more than just a home.”  Margo, the broker, stated that she has been in the business for over 20 years and is well versed in the business and offer other services such as credit counseling.

In addition, they are in the community “doing a lot of community service.”  ASM Insurance & Financial Services, Mr. John Gordon, shared that he was glad to be there because he has “an opportunity to share what we do.”  He was asked why are you in the insurance business he stated “I believe in helping people…I can help you save money.”

In the auditorium the attendees were able to ask general question of a panel of lawyers.  After that segment was completed the attendees were able to sit at a table and speak with the lawyers individually.

The lawyers consisted of a family law, bankruptcy, immigration, real estate, criminal and business law.  All the lawyers were from Jamaica and consisted of six women and one man.

Andrea Marie Lee Webley, Immigration and Personal Injury lawyer in Lauderhill has been in the business for over 20 years and stated “It is my passion.”

Don D. G. James, criminal and bankruptcy attorney, in Coral Gables has been in business for almost 19 years.  He conveyed that he developed an interest in law by watching Perry Mason and To Kill a Mocking Bird.  He shared that he enjoys practicing law “because of the power to help.”

Pamela M. Gordon, practices family law, and stated that she has over 19 years in the business.  She quantified her experience by saying “I’m very experienced, I keep myself up to date on the law, I keep up with new trends and new practices.”

Samantha Parchment, a relatively new lawyer of two years indicated that she practices several areas of law.  For example, family, personal injury, bankruptcy etc. She was asked why so many areas and she conveyed “diversity matters.”

Consequently, questions were answered, people were enlightened, connections were made, and the forum fulfilled a purpose and possibly even filled a void for those who needed it.  You can’t beat free legal advice!

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