Mind Food International Expands its Caribbean Leadership Summit to South Florida

Creating Global Influence Through Diaspora Synergy & Leadership

Mind Food International Expands its Caribbean Leadership Summit to South Florida

MIRAMARMind Food International announced today the expansion of their conference brand the Caribbean Leadership Summit to South Florida, scheduled for Saturday, February 29, 2020 at the Springhills Marriott in Miramar (10880 Marks Way, Miramar, FL 33025) from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Mind Food, a leadership development organization from Kingston, Jamaica has been making strides in Leadership Consulting and Corporate Training offerings in Jamaica and the world for over the past 6 years.

Their flagship event that took place June 2019 was endorsed by the Governor General of Jamaica, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Linton Allen. The event had a total of 80 leaders from leading regulatory bodies, government and private sector organizations.

“We have partnered with various prominent entities in providing premium leadership training and seminar experiences for not just line staff but also senior executives in Jamaica. The company prides itself on grooming individuals to live on purpose while creating a legacy for future generations. The purpose of the Caribbean Summit is to provide a platform for leaders in the various arenas to share their winning strategies as well as to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships across the Caribbean and the world. This year’s one day Summit is themed Creating Global Influence Through Diaspora Synergy & Leadership” said the CEO and co-founder of Mind Food, Mr. Jamar Wright.

Natassia Wright, Executive Director of the Caribbean Leadership Summit anticipates an audience of entrepreneurs, executives, youth leaders, supervisors and Caribbean natives who are seeking to grow in their field while maximizing on linkages between the Caribbean and the Diaspora.

The event will focus on shifting leadership culture, financial opportunities in the Caribbean, mentorship and legacy creation.

She further stated “The purpose of Mind Food International is to develop third world leaders so that they can transform their world around them, so it is only befitting that we engage the people in the Diaspora who have their country’s interest at heart.”

Caribbean Leadership Summit Speakers

Specially invited speakers for the summit include the Mayor of Miramar, Wayne Messam, former USA Presidential Candidate, Dr. Pepe Ramnath – United Nations Ambassador, Scientist and Founder of Pepe Ramnath International, Dr. Allan Cunningham – President of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council, Mr. David P.A Mullings – Chairman & CEO of Blue Mahoe Capital Partners, Mr. Ian Hamilton – Media Consultant, Dr. Michelle Charles – Surgeon & Jamaican Politician, Maxine Reyes – Retired US Combat Veteran & Entrepreneur, Miss Brittany Wheeler – Entrepreneur Specialist, Miss Leah Ramnath – Social Scientist and Miss Brittany Thompson – Programme Coordinator for Agents of Change.

The cost to attend is $55 per person, click here to register.

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