Mikey Dread recovering from Brain Tumor treatment

By: Mushiya

DALLAS – A couple months back we at DATC, Inc. informed the world of the health condition centering around the diagnosis of Brain Tumor of Jamaican Reggae Legend, The Dread at the Controls, Michael “Mikey Dread” Campbell.

Since that release in October, we have received an outpouring of concerns and well wishes from Mikey Dread Fans/Friends/and Supporters the World Over.

Mikey fans continues to be important to him and he is resolved to keep you all updated on his current health condition.

Mikey continues in the recovering stages and is responding well to the chemotherapy treatments, all the prayers from family/friends/supporters and fans globally are certainly helping. He continues to be progressive in his treatments and have a wonderful team of doctors.

Mikey Dread

Even with the magnitude of an illness of this sort, Mikey remains in a positive mood. He remains active in the day to day workings of his record label, DATC, Inc. (Dread at the Controls, Inc.). Mikey being the Lion he is, he’s eager to return to the stage to share his heartfelt appreciation to his fans.

Mikey Dread says ” Everyday that I rise I give Thanks and Praises in my humble way to JAH. I Thank JAH for Life, Thank Jah for Love, Thank Jah for everything and is very Thankful to Jah for all the support and love received”.

Since it is very important that Mikey rest and heal, he is not utilizing the phone at this time. Given that he has received countless emails at [email protected], it will take some time to answer them all. If you wish to send him a special message; you can do so by going to: www.myspace.com/DATC and post a comment.

Mikey adds ” I want to remind my friends – Life is the Stage – a stage that we all share each and everyday with people everywhere, people come and go, brand new babies born, Life keeps going on and on. Keep the positive upliftments!” My respect and love still stand to you always”.

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