Miami Landmark tower celebrates Jamaica 50th Independence

Miami Landmark tower celebrates Jamaica 50th Independence – lit in black, green gold

MIAMI – As Jamaicans across celebrate the Nation’s 50th anniversary of Independence, the Miami Tower, at International Place in downtown Miami, will illuminate in the colors of the Jamaican flag – black, green and gold on Monday, August 6th, (Jamaica Independence Day) as a tribute to the positive impact of the Jamaican community here in South Florida.

Built in 1987, the 47-floor landmark tower is usually lit for special events in Miami.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Jamaican community has been honored with the significant gesture.

Expressing gratitude to the building management, I & G, Miami, LLC., for the wonderful gesture, Consul General Sandra Grant Griffiths invited nationals and friends of the Diasporic community “to delight in the cultural cornucopia we contribute to the great American landscape, and to recognize the sterling contributions made by those of Jamaican heritage in diverse fields, especially over the past half century.”

The lighting of the landmark Tower serve as a powerful symbol of the positive impact made by the presence of the Jamaican community, not only in Miami, but throughout South Florida. More than 400,000 Jamaicans reside in Florida State with the largest concentration in the South Florida tri-county area – Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

The prestigious landmark Miami Tower houses a wide range of modern office and communications infrastructure. The office building overlooks downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay and is widely recognized for its changing palette of exterior lighting schemes, timed to coincide with holidays and significant occasions.

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