Lovers Rock Singer Sophia Brown is Spectacular on ‘Bad For Me’

Sophia Brown - Bad For Me
Sophia Brown

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] Singer Sophia Brown goes all out whenever she enters the recording booth. Her attitude was no different with sessions for Bad For Me, her fourth album, which was released on April 29.

“I basically wanted this to be something spectacular. I want to look at it as one of my greatest works. I find I am more mature as an artist, as a producer and I tend to stick to the fine line where music and creativity are concerned,” said Brown.

Released by her Music Mecka label, Bad For Me is her first album since Change which came out in 2017. It contains songs that did well for Brown in the past 18 months, including the ballad, Baby When You Left, Stronger and My Religion; the latter is a collaboration with Duane Stephenson.

The title song was released in February.

Brown worked in different capacities in the music industry before making her vocal debut 15 years ago with the song, Love You Pure. Follow-up singles like Weak For You, Spotlight and I Am A Rose announced her as a genuine lovers rock artist.

Her career was curtailed by a vehicular accident in Maryland in July, 2017 in which Brown sustained multiple injuries. Baby When You Left, which was produced by veteran musician Sydney Mills, topped reggae charts in New York and London.


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