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Liberty City’s MEYGA Learning Center Enjoy a Day at Kennedy Space Center

Liberty City's MEYGA Learning Center Enjoy a Day at Kennedy Space Center

[MIAMI] –  The Multi-Ethnic Youth Group Association (M.E.Y.G.A) Learning Center, Miami-Dade County and Related Urban Development Group (RUDG) hosted a field trip for Liberty City summer camp participants to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The trip was a part of Liberty Square’s summer youth program. The program aims to empower and develop local youths. It saw 140 students from K-12 explore the latest innovations in aeronautics and astronomy. This trip marked the first official trip of its kind for students in the Liberty City neighborhood.

“Through this trip, we hope to show our students what is possible when passion, creativity, and a strong work ethic align with focus, commitment, and support,” says Samantha Quarterman, executive director at the MEYGA Learning Center. “I’m inspired by the camaraderie and great ideas that happen when we all get together to work on what might appear to be insurmountable at first, only to become a reality through dedication and good work. Our students’ resiliency and spirit give us hope that the coming school year will be a fresh start on a productive path for us all.”

Field Trip

Liberty City's MEYGA Learning Center Enjoy a Day at Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center celebrates the U.S. space program through fun, inspiration, and educational activities. As a result, the MEYGA students were inspired to think outside of the box might appear a constraint to a productive future, which is a priority for the MEYGA Learning Center and its staff.

In addition to upcoming youth-focused initiatives, the trip was made possible through generous support. Support from RUDG in partnership with Miami-Dade County.

“We are committed to helping students at MEYGA dream big. Nurture an interest in astronomy and aeronautic technology. In addition, access the resources they need to succeed in life,” said Desiree Faulkner, development manager for RUDG. “There is promise in every member of our community. In addition,  our goal is to support them in ways that help to build their self-confidence. Plus, remind them that success happens when preparation comes together with opportunity.”

Liberty City's MEYGA Learning Center Enjoy a Day at Kennedy Space Center
Redevelopment of Liberty Square

RUDG, the affordable housing arm of industry-leading developer Related Group, is currently spearheading the ground-up redevelopment of Liberty Square, one of the nation’s largest and oldest affordable housing community. As part of the neighborhood revitalization effort, RUDG is going beyond a visual makeover. Working with local leaders and community members to deploy thoughtful community programs. As a result, it sets the standard for how developers, local organizations, and government agencies can collaborate to foster long-term positive changes in underserved communities nationwide.


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