Learning about Filmmaking and filmmaking technology at Cine Lab

MIAMI – Filmmaking and filmmaking technology has become increasingly accessible to everyone of all ages and demographics due to digital technology. Today we are seeing many people who are utilizing new and improved methods and resources to tell their stories.

Cine Lab is designed to provide each participant with an introduction and understanding of filmmaking as well as roles and careers in video and film production.

Each participant will have the opportunity to help in the creation and execution of a short film. The basic skills that will be taught are: idea exploration, story development, research, writing, camera techniques, sound recording, casting, producing, directing and editing. The end result is that each participant will have a role in creating a short film and will be able have their work screened in the community and a copy of their film to take home.

Structured as a teenager based initiative, our target population is teens grades 8 thru 12 (13 yrs to 18 yrs) who are enrolled in school (as of the last school-term). The intensive project based, hands on and interdisciplinary Cine Lab program will also develop participant’s literacy, communication and interpersonal skills, along with significantly developing their computer, media and technology skills.

On July 12th 2010, in partnership with the Miami Community Redevelopment Agency, Cine Lab will launch in the Southeast Overtown, Park West section of Miami. The application process will begin on May 17th 2010 and conclude on or before June 11th, 2010. You can request an application by emailing or call 786.897.8854.

All applications need to be returned before the June 11th deadline. Upon completion of application,each participant will be called for in for an interviews. The interviews will be held at Overtown/Culmer Neighborhood Center at 1600 NW 3rd Ave, Miami on June 10th(noon-5pm)11th and 12th(9am-5pm)There will be only twenty five (25) participants allowed into the summer session. Interviews will take place on June 10th -12th 2010. After the interview process the participants that are selected will be notified and given a schedule. Classes will begin on July 12th and run through August 7th, 2010. All participants will also be given the opportunity to participate at the 2010 American Black Film Festival. The master class series will be open to all 25 participants. Each participant will be able to take two of the three master classes.

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