Lauderhill Commissioner Denise D. Grant Praised by Supporters

City of Lauderhill Commissioner, Denise D. Grant, was the praised by supporters and well-wishers recently at the Chateau Mar Golf Resort as she makes a bid to serve a second term as a commissioner.

A wide cross-section of friends, family and enthusiastic supporters gathered on the vintage themed hotel’s outdoor terrace where they were enjoyed a variety of Caribbean food and drink.

A steady flow of supporters addressed the audience and publicly professed their support for Grant.  Some offering personal testimony of how she has helped them to find a solution to a problem. Or to assist them in a time of need. Many spoke highly of Commissioner Grant’s integrity and her dedication to family while serving the community.

In response, Commissioner Grant thanked everyone for coming.  She spoke to some of her accomplishments during her first term in office. In addition, Grant expressed her intentions to continue serving the community in the future.

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