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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Franchise Makes Its Debut in Jamaica

by Howard Campbell

Kingston, Jamaica – Krispy Kreme made an auspicious debut here June 3, with long lines of customers welcoming the American doughnut franchise to Jamaica.

The store, located near to New Kingston, Jamaica’s leading business district, has been the talk of the town since its official launch by Restaurants Associates Limited, owners of the Jamaican franchise.

Krispy Kreme Jamaica
Patrons line up by the numbers for Krispy Kreme.

Lisa Lake, Group CEO of Restaurants Associates Limited, said customers were in line from as early as 4 am. They were out early to be among the first 100 customers to win doughnut-based prizes.

“We are very excited to welcome them, at last count we had over 300 people,” said Lake.

Krispy Kreme strengthens Restaurant Associates Limited’s grip on the Jamaican fast-food market. The company are also franchise holders for Burger King, Popeye’s and Little Caesar.

Its location is near a vibrant hub of American fast food chain stores including Burger King, Popeye’s, Wendy’s and Domino’s, as well as popular local eateries.

The Krispy Kreme outlet has a Doughnut Theater where patrons can view the company’s manufacturing process. They are also able to purchase products shortly after after they baked.

Lake disclosed that more Krispy Kreme stores are expected to open in Jamaica.

“This is just the first of many stores. This will be the signature theater store in Kingston, but we plan to have two other stores in Kingston open by the end of this year, and then other places,” she said.


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