Joe and Angella Whitter Foundation invites the Jamaica Diaspora to Help Tertiary Students with Scholarship Awards

Joe and Angella Whitter Foundation presentation

Angella Whitter makes an award presentation to a deserving student.

[Montego Bay, Jamaica] – October 7, 2021, was an historical day for The Joe and Angella Whitter Foundation. The occasion when Angella Whitter, CEO, made her Inaugural Foundation Award Address and presented 26 deserving students with their award letters. They gathered at the Whitter Village Pavilion in Montego Bay, some with their families, and others alone, fueled by their burning desire to succeed.

Address to Students

A milestone was reached on September 28, 2021, with the transfer of funds to each respective university that the twenty-six students attend. Mrs. Whitter in her address at the small gathering, solidified her commitment to the tertiary students with the following words “My husband and I made a commitment to do something, a lot, for children. My husband passed Aug 19, 2013. On the anniversary of his birthday, December 11, 2020, I decided to start this Foundation. We are in a pandemic and were in a pandemic then, so whereas a lot of companies and persons would be pulling back, I still thought it would be good to give back in some way to some persons who are in dire need, hence we put the call out to the universities to have applications. We received over 46 applications to the Foundation and here we are.”

Appeal to Diaspora

The Foundation has achieved its primary mandate for 2021 with the available earmarked funds financed from the Whitter Group. It is ready to procure new sources of sponsorship for the 2022 year. While speaking on the Diaspora Online show, hosted by Dervan Malcolm, an appeal was made to the Diaspora which is an integral part of the development of Jamaica, where she asked them to partner with the Joe and Angella Whitter Foundation.

Most of the applications received during 2021 were students scoring over 3.5 GPA.  Many of these students come from the inner city and unknown communities and they need help. She emphasized “we are willing to acknowledge and share reports to all our donors. Jamaican students need help and they don’t want to go on another path to get it. She also appealed to Jamaicans out there – Let’s try to help these young people as best as we can.”

Several other Foundation members were on hand to witness the inaugural event. The mandate for 2022 is to be able to help the lives and educational journey of more than 26 students become a reality and be a success.


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