Jamaica’s PM Congratulates Obama on Remarkable Victory in U.S Presidential Elections

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has congratulated Barack Obama, on his remarkable victory in the US Presidential elections.

In his congratulations to President-elect Obama, on being elected as the 44th President of the United States, Mr. Golding said Obama’s victory is a testimony to the values of America’s national motto- E Pluribus Unum (One from many), which has enforced the power of inclusiveness of the American dream.

“You have been called to lead the most powerful nation of the world at a time when the world faces its most formidable challenges in our lifetime”, Mr Golding said. He noted that Obama’s message during the election campaign demonstrated his profound understanding of these challenges as he shared his vision for a new world of peace and prosperity.

“I am confident that as you set about actualising this vision, you will make this a better place for all of mankind”, Mr. Golding said in his message.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that developing countries like Jamaica, so often left on the periphery of the global agenda, will be part of the foreign policy framework, which recognises that shared, broad-based development is the surest way to secure and maintain global prosperity and stability.

“I look forward to the strengthening under your administration of the warm relations that Jamaica has enjoyed with the US for many years and you are assured of Jamaica’s co-operation as we both strive to make improvements in the quality of life of our people”, Mr Golding concluded.

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