Jamaican Gospel Singer Brotha George Bares His Soul on “Bloody City”

brotha george

Brotha George

by Howard Campbell

[CONNECTICUT] = Begging for 2020 to come to a quick end has become a cliché among the frustrated. Even for persons of faith, like Brotha George, the chaos and venom of this year was a bit too much to take.

The Jamaican gospel singer, who is based in Connecticut, bares his soul on Bloody City, a song co-produced by longtime collaborators Sidney Mills and Leebert “Gibby” Morrison.

It is inspired by the tumultuous events of the year including the controversial deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the United States. He also kept a close eye on his native Jamaica which has endured another record year of homicides.

“When all is said and done, it’s God’s will that’s going to decide everything. What we must remember is that we all have the same blood,” said Brotha George.

Floyd and Taylor were African-Americans whose deaths stemmed from brutality and negligence on the part of law enforcement. Brotha George was also affected by the death of a close friend in Jamaica, also under questionable circumstances, at the hands of police.

The devastating global impact of the Coronavirus added to a challenging year.

“Prayer is a powerful thing and can help us through difficult times. The video for this song offers hope which we as God-fearing people must encourage,” said Brotha George.

Being from a socially-challenged area of Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, the gospel artist empathizes with the marginalized who live mainly in urban communities. Some of his early songs, done as George Wright, were written from personal experience.

Despite its rigors, Brotha George has enjoyed a fruitful 2020. He released Unstoppable, his 10th gospel album, as well as well-received singles such as Only You Alone and My God is The King.


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