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“50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes” debuts as #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Jamaican Cookbook “50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes” debuts as #1 Best Seller on Amazon

PEMBROKE PINES – Colorful new cookbook ‘50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes’ debuted as a #1 Bestseller in Cookbooks and #13 in all book downloads on Amazon Kindle in September 2016.

The collection of authentic Jamaican recipes has been described by readers as “gorgeous”, “spot on” and “an absolute necessity in the kitchen of all Caribbean foodies”.

Executive Producer of Caribbean cooking show “Taste the Islands” Calibe Thompson admits that although she’s a fan of food, she isn’t so much a fan of cooking.

Whereas Chef Irie, the star of her national PBS / Create TV series, creates culinary masterpieces effortlessly, she needs a little help where the kitchen is concerned.

When looking for a reliable source of the traditional Jamaican recipes that hearkened back to her island upbringing, she could only identify an Enid Donaldson cookbook from back in the 80s. So she set about creating a new reference book for Jamaican and non-Jamaican food lovers.


‘50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes’ is a beautifully illustrated, delightfully annotated recipe collection that includes the most popular traditional and authentic Jamaican foods and drinks. The 138 pages of flavor-filled recipes, some of which inspired the gourmet creations from “Taste the Islands with Chef Irie”, include simple, step-by-step instructions and mouthwatering images.

Five sections including Breakfasts & Appetizers, Side Dishes, and Drinks & Desserts list dishes like Stuffed Roasted Fish, Stewed Oxtails, Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Ripe Banana Fritters and Coconut Drops. Notes included with each recipe aptly describe the flavors so that any reader, Jamaican or not, can make informed decisions about which to try. There are also breathtaking photos of the Jamaican landscape accompanied by witty commentary scattered throughout the book.


Thompson acknowledges that while there are many Jamaican cookbooks with new and unique recipes, there has not been one this comprehensive, with these most staple, authentic favorites published for a generation. “These recipes were carefully curated and customized by the team at ‘Taste the Islands’ and we couldn’t be prouder of our first publication,” she said.

The newspaper Caribbean Today says, “It could easily take pride of place on your living room coffee table with its gorgeous pictures… The tidbits of history along with the mesmerizing images will definitely appeal to cooks and non-cooks. Inviting pictures of pristine waterfalls, a raft on a meandering river, and cows along a sparkling beach tell as much the story of Jamaican food as do the descriptive labels.”

Jamaican Eats Magazine says, “Wow. Gorgeous book. Love it. 50 recipes — very compact and efficient.” While one of the more than 8,000 Amazon readers who downloaded the book in its first 3 days online says, “Love the show and love this cookbook. The recipes are authentic and simple to follow. The photos are beautiful. And the finished product (the few that I’ve tried so far) are scrumptious! A marvelous achievement.”

‘50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes’ is available now in ebook format and in print, both on Amazon. Signed copies are also available directly from the show’s website at www.tastetheislandstv.com/store, just in time for the holidays.




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