Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Offers 50 Golden Keys for Jamaica’s Independence

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) is offering Jamaicans the opportunity to jump start their savings goals through its 50 Golden Keys savings promotion plan.

The Golden Keys will provide 50 persons with J$50,000 cash towards any savings goal, along with 10 per cent discount from Sanger’s Bookstore on textbooks, general books and stationary and up to 15 per cent discount from Singer on Furniture, electronics and appliances, said Jean Look Tong, JN Group Marketing, Sales and Promotions Executive.

“We are offering 50 existing and new members the opportunity to win one of 50 JN Golden Keys,” Mrs. Look Tong said. Inspired by the celebration this year of the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence, the cash prize can be used towards a home, for educational pursuits, or even for a retirement investment.

Jean Look Tong, JN Group Marketing, Sales and Promotions Executive

New or existing members who reside in Jamaica, with a minimum deposit of J$5,000 in any JNBS savings account, are allowed one entry in the promotion, she said. Each additional deposit of J$5,000 gives the account holder another entry.

“Deposits must be made between June 13 and October 12, 2012,” Mrs. Look Tong stated. “At the end of the promotion on October 12, 2012, members must have a minimum balance of J$5,000.”

The grand draw will take place on November 12, 2012, when the 50 selected members will be given an opportunity to win the prizes. The Marketing Executives said the draw will be electronic and a winner will only be determined after he or she completes the JNBS tag line, “We’ll help you find a way”.

Three telephone calls will be made to each selectee and the person will have two chances to answer the tagline question correctly. Where JNBS has exhausted the three attempts to call a selectee, a new person will then be selected from the database. Likewise, if a person fails on two attempts to say the tag line correctly, a new potential winner will be selected, she added.

Mrs. Look Tong also pointed out that prior to the grand prize drawing, there will be monthly prizes where one person will have a chance to win a 24 inch Singer LCD television each month. These drawings will take place on: July 16; August 15; September 17 and October 15.

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