Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival: The Spirit Awakens on Aug. 11th

JACKSONVILLE – Carnival is unequivocally the universal event that brings together everything that is remotely connected to the Caribbean. From authentic food, music and dance you name it, it’s there in all its entirety.

Since its inception back in 2005 headed by Chairman Theo Jack, Jacksonville Carnival has seen thousands of carnival revelers year after year with a conquering army parading down the streets of 1st Street & A. Phillip Randolph Boulevard, boldly representing who they are and where they are from. Roll call!

Carnival – Sweet Fuh Days!

This year’s staging of Jacksonville Carnival will again take place at, the Metropolitan Park on Saturday, August 11. The park will be transformed into Carnival Central and let me be the one to break this to you; yuh doh want miss dis! Jacksonville is kind of the underdog of the many carnival staging here in America and we are aiming to be bigger and better this year.

Many may not know but Jacksonville has a Caribbean population of 13000, according to the Census and we need everyone to come out in their numbers and support.

Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival: The Spirit Awakens on Aug. 11thFete Life: Worst Behavior!

There will be a series of 5 invigorating events: Camo Fete (Camouflage Wear), J’ouvert (Paint & Powder Color Party), MEGA GLO (A Wear White Affair), Carnival Day (Parade, Festival, and Concert), and Last lap (One Last Wine).

Be on the look-out for the infamous J’ouvert which involves paint, powder and water drenched all over your body; come on who can say no to this event. It is a favorite of many and some see it as a ritual that you must do to be Carnival Ready.

“Its Carnival! Everybody take a jump…take jump…take a jump up now!”

Another favorite you don’t want to miss is Carnival Saturday which consists of the Parade. It is jammed packed with high tempo music, a huge parade and beautiful costumes, some of them ranging 20ft tall, Festival, with vendors showing off their Caribbean flavors, Art & Craft, and so much more, followed by the Concert, featuring entertainers from Florida and the Caribbean.

Carnival Tabanca!

First Coast locals, Soca Junkies, Carnival Revelers and Visitors alike, we need yall to come out and lose yourselves in the rhythmic sections, high energy music, authentic Caribbean street food for an experience of a lifetime.
And remember the science of the wine is all in the spine!

So First coast get ready because the Jacksonville Carnival take-over is in full effect.

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