International Travel Insurance company to partner with Jamaica Tourist Board

MIAMI – The Metropolitan Benefit Group, International Warranty Administration Services, and The Veratis Group welcome their new strategic partner in the Caribbean, The Jamaica Tourist Board.

The affiliated companies, which provide marketing and administrative support for a variety of insurance and non-insurance programs globally, have entered into an agreement with the Jamaica Tourism Board to offer travel-related benefits to visitors to this island paradise.

Tourism in this part of the world is increasing annually and the benefits that will be made available are designed to enhance the visitor’s total travel experience; whether they are en route or returning home, or while they are enjoying Jamaica’s many attractions. Insurance benefits are underwritten by highly rated international companies and non-insurance benefits are provided by global leaders in the field.

In selecting the affiliated companies, the Jamaica Tourism Board recognized the leadership position and their ability to provide attractive, unique and popular benefit programs. In support of these programs, the affiliated companies will be embarking on a 12-month marketing campaign that will be driven through media such as the Internet, radio and television, as well as such traditional outlets as travel agents and tour operators.

At launch, special offers will be made available to enhance Jamaica as a vacation destination, including a complimentary VIP pass, supported by the Jamaica Tourism Board, that will give arriving visitors access to a variety of VIP services. Additionally, non-traditional offerings such as cell phone coverage, Identity Theft, and pre-paid credit cards will be available to Jamaica bound visitors.

David Shields, of the Jamaica Board of Tourism, said: “We are very excited to join forces with The Metropolitan Benefit Group, International Warranty Administration Services, and The Veratis Group, to make the Jamaican travel experience truly exceptional. We have worked diligently with senior management to create offerings that provide great value to our visitors at outstanding prices. We look forward to working with these companies to implement and build this business channel as it will accomplish great things in terms of increased tourism and the quality of the visitor’s experience.”

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