International Recording Artist Unlocks the Block for Ex-Felons

MIAMI – Ever timely on many levels, Nigel Lewis’ latest release “Unlock the Block”, boldly speaks of the injustice of our nation’s disenfranchisement laws. Breaking through the stigma of religion and politics in music, Nigel Lewis is not afraid to sing chants that encourage our government to restore the voting rights of ex-felons.

Many political representatives have joined the host of voices insisting that ex-felons are now reinstated as free citizens and should therefore have the right to vote once again.

There are nearly 5 million ex-felons in America who are not allowed to vote. This is an issue being addressed nationwide and could help make ex-felons become a part of their community once again. In true Bob Marley fashion, Nigel stands out as a global artist who speaks freely about political issues.

The song “Unlock the Block” depicts an ex-felon declaring the price of his consequence paid for and demanding the release to vote. In traditional Trinidadian storytelling style, the lyrics display political injustice on a bed of strong Reggae chords. The vibrancy of this single track reflects on the strength of the rest of the album which is not common within its circles. Undoubtedly, this album will appeal to a wide audience of listeners.

“Unlock the Block” is undeniably the theme song for a well-deserved and long awaited movement of ex-felons attempting to restore their right to vote. As a number of state bills head to government authorities, the voice of ex-convicts applauds. One more chapter of injustice begins to close.

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