Interesting Tips For The Hotel Industry In 2019

Interesting Tips For The Hotel Industry In 2019 such as Baha Mar
Baha Mar

As more and more people have started looking forward to vacation trips, the hotel industries are becoming more popular than ever before. Today, hotel industries are one of the multi-billion dollar industries in the world. According to recent statistics, corporate travel may see a 6.1% growth in 2019. That being said, the hospitality industries are also expected to witness growth by 6-7 per cent in the current year.

There are approximately 187,000 hotels established across the world providing 17.5 million guest rooms to the tourists. If you are fortunate enough to own a hotel or are a shareholder or investor of a hotel, know that this field is earning incredible profits in the current times. However, the competition in this field is fierce. In order to stay at the top, hotels are adapting to the latest trends to provide a high-end customer experience to their guests. Let’s take a look at the trends you can adapt in order to push your hotel to the top position in your city.

Eco-Friendly Rooms

The environment might not be your priority but the increasing awareness of environment protection campaign over the world has affected millions of people. Nowadays, people are more likely to stay in hotels that have eco-friendly rooms. Studies suggest the eco-friendly rooms are sold much faster than the standard hotel rooms. If you want to bring more customers to your hotel, you should definitely consider the eco-friendly factor.

Condo Hotels

If you are a regular corporate traveller, you would know how condo hotels are becoming the trend lately. People from all around the world consider condo hotels as their first choice. Why not? These hotels are known for luxurious amenities, top-class features, and stunning aesthetic that enable travellers to enjoy their most luxurious and of course a comfortable staying experience. It would be ultra relaxing to play Roulette for free and relax in your hotel room even if you don’t go out. If you want to increase the popularity of your hotel, consider investing in such hotels and add some exclusive condo features in the guest rooms.

Smart Rooms

No matter who the traveller is, the generation today prefer tech-friendly and smart rooms. Even if your hotel has one of the most luxurious guest rooms in the city, the travellers won’t be interested in renting the rooms if they face network issues. Now the good news is you don’t have to make lots of investment to turn your guest rooms into smart rooms. In fact, the incorporation of a few technical gadgets such as automatic lightning and the voice assistant is enough to draw the attention of travellers.

Personalised Marketing

It isn’t surprising to say that hotels that offer personalised and responsive marketing are likely to gain the interest of more guests. One of the best ways to ensure that you offer personalised marketing is to provide a proper response to the queries and feedback of your customers. By providing a response, you can convert your one-time customers to your regular customers.

Well, these were some of the important 2019 hotel industry trends that the hotel owners and investors must embrace to enhance their brand image.

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