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Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) contributes to the development of the livestock and poultry sector in Jamaica

Washington, D.C. – On August 31, 2010, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) approved a loan of up to US$2 million to Jamaica Broilers Group Limited (JBGL) in Jamaica. This is the IIC’s second operation with Jamaica Broilers.

According to David Levy, IIC investment officer in charge of the operation, “With this operation the IIC is not only supporting a key sector in Jamaica’s economy but also helping a leading group such as Jamaica Broilers to further improve its efficiency and productivity, which is important for creating jobs and generating foreign exchange. This furthers the IIC’s contribution to the development of the Caribbean.”

Jamaica Broilers Group Limited

JBGL, with a 50-year track record, is one of the largest groups in Jamaica. Its main activities include poultry operations, feed and farm supplies, and ethanol processing. On a much smaller scale, the Group is also involved in electricity cogeneration for its own use and for sale to Jamaica’s public utility company, the sale of balanced feed ingredients, cattle rearing, and processing and sale of beef products and fish. For more information on Jamaica Broilers, visit www.jamaicabroilersgroup.com.

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