Inner Circle & Lutan Fyah make a statement in ‘Gun Ting’

MIAMI – With the sharp rise in crime throughout Jamaica, two dancehall acts have joined forces to make a powerful statement on this destructive trend.

International reggae group Inner Circle most known for their COPS soundtrack ‘Bad Boys’ and Lutan Fyah who stirred up society’s conscience with his single ‘Save The Juveniles have just completed laying tracks for their combination single ‘Gun Ting’.

Set to be released by the end of this month, preparations are now underway for the shooting of the video which will be done in two locations – Miami and Kingston.

Inner Circle

The idea for the combination came about through a close friend of the group Inner Circle, the right words in the right places and the result is now a single that is expected to spread a positive message in the midst of all the negativity being permeated on their airwaves.

Lutan Fyah

Lutan stands out among other artistes due to his creative melodies and poetic lyrical approach. He is a modern soldier with an ancient presence. Singing amazing songs such as “No More War” or “Woman of Principle”, Lutan is displays that rare essence of purpose in all his tunes. His combination with Inner Circle is yet another demonstration of his special brand of message.

Gun Ting will be distributed by All Access.

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