Impacts of Internet-enabled Technology in our workplaces

Impacts of Internet-enabled Technology

The lifestyle that modern technology brought with it is exceptional in keeping things in order and shape. Especially when it comes to the work environment, we cannot ignore the fact that it has immensely improved the systematic routine of an employee by offering him quick solutions to everyday issues. More than the employee, the employer gets benefitted from the kind of environment small gadgets bring to a formal setting.

Consequently, the work will be much improved which will lead to getting more profit out of this whole mechanism. Contrarily, there are some disadvantages of these gadgets as well. While these help in making processes more streamlined, they also make it too systematic and mechanical – which is not something a human can work with for too long. It becomes boring and at times quite suffocating. Many employees leave their jobs just for the sole reason that their work-life had gotten too monotonous. They also feel enslaved to machines when put under such pressure.

Keeping Tabs on the Employees

A few examples include the experiment did with their employees by allotting them with smartwatches that enabled the employers in learning the employees time of arrival, departure, taking a break, on work, off work, etc. The more the employees had a check on them, the more they felt pressured. This built up an extremely uncomfortable environment for the whole workplace. This also led to compromising the employee’s privacy. These smartwatches made the employee quite stressed under constant watch when their privacy was not being respected.

Many employees were emotionally forced into resigning from the job while there was also a decline in work growth. Despite all these facts, the employers were benefitted by recording every move made by the employee. They learned when and how much time an employee spends productively and the amount of it he spends simply brainstorming, taking a break, or chatting with the colleague greatly helped in providing with the feedback of the work environment you had made around.

Being in the position of an employer, this type of technology aids immensely in reporting you of every activity that happens around in the office. One does not have to allot people for doing that job or look into the cameras to see what has been going around. That is time-consuming as well as painful to perform. Gadgets have well replaced this painstaking process.

To Check an Employee’s Performance and Health 

The employer must know the health and performance of their employees in order to be fully aware of their business situation. A company goes through a gazillion ups and downs and the reasons could be numerous. Being a responsible employer, you need to know what your employees are going through when they come to work for a small mistake that could cause huge trouble for businesses, or at least a gradual decline. For that matter, you need to make sure your employees come in good health and work in a lively environment so that they could work better.

The wearable gadgets like Apple Watch were designed to check the physical health of football players so that every detail about their physical whereabouts could be recorded to be able to get it checked before their performance. The players had to wear watches all the time even while they were asleep so that their coaches could know the time when they slept, and the time when they got up – in short, to know if they were getting enough sleep to perform best in the ground. Through these watches, their heartbeat could also be checked on a mobile app. Their coaches accessed this service to monitor every bit of detail regarding their player’s routine. Other Fitness Trackers help in learning way more details about a person’s physical health. These gadgets come quite in handy in learning about anyone’s health. You can self-analyze without having to go to the doctor’s every week.

Check Timely Arrivals 

With these gadgets being installed in your place and clenched in your wrist, you can inform your timely arrival and departure to your boss without having to sign in or out from the office. These gadgets do not require a separate movement; it works on its own. It automatically detects the presence or absence of an employee at the desk. This way the old manual tracking of the attendance of an employee is eliminated. All that an employee has to do is wear a tracker before coming to work. Sometimes an employee is late and in that compensation, he spends a few extra hours at work. The tracker would testify your presence without your attempting to find evidence. Having said that, it does not burden the employee of complying with the systemic routines. It only makes him more responsible towards the job and position he is appointed for.

To Access and Exit

Similar to monitoring timely arrivals and departures, these inexpensive gadgets are quite helpful in tracking the access of equipment/tools, allowance of entering specific areas, etc. Instead of going through the long process of getting the passcodes for the sake of using a device/tool, or entering a restricted area, an employee just needs to wear a tag to get access. An offshore company called Lundin in Norway affiliated a mobile app with a device that enables the employees to access the industrial tools. Before this method was introduced, the employees had to type in a whole data of personal information to access that equipment or make their way to a restricted area. The work efficiency was greatly improved in this situation by cutting down routinely wastage of time.

None of these gadgets would be accessible to humans had the internet not enabled man into inventing applications, software, or utility of other devices that only work with the help of it. The current times are blessed with the Internet of Things that perform most of the tasks without a human’s guidance or approval. Speaking of which, since without a good internet connection none of this would be possible, much less imaginable if you’re looking to incorporate any of the above automation you would want to look into AT&T internet packages. They are extremely affordable and the quality they provide is one of the best. For the future that is looking up to more inventions, choose the best internet connection!



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