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Immigrant Families as They Really Are Conference @ UM – April 5 & 6

MIAMI – Despite the importance of immigration on the well-being of our nation, many Americans have a limited and possibly negative view of immigrants. Too often popular media and political discourse promote a caricature of immigrant families.

However, family researchers and practitioners remind us of the richness and complexity of immigrant families.

This conference convenes national immigrant family researchers and local immigration practitioners to discuss the intricacies of immigrant families and the challenges they face to integrate and engage U.S. mainstream society.

Panel discussions explore: Youth well-being and international adoption, parenting and intimate relationships, fertility, sexuality and partner selection, dynamics of transnational families, and the cultural adaptation and implementation of evidence-based interventions to assist immigrant families in need.

Join the Council on Contemporary Families at the University of Miami to learn about Immigrant Families as They Really Are, http://www.contemporaryfamilies.org/event/7/16th-Annual-CCF-Conference.html

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