How Your Clothing Choices May Be Highlighting Self-Esteem Issues

How Your Clothing Choices May Be Highlighting Self-Esteem Issues

One of the hardest things to deal with is making yourself feel better about your appearance when it comes to self-esteem. Everyone on earth has something they wish could look better, feel better, or work better about their body, but the reality is that no one is perfect.

The real problem with this is that many people think that they need to be perfect. It might be seeing an actor or actress on TV or in the movies or something your crush thinks is attractive. There are always going to be nagging doubts in your mind about your appearance, as well as the unseen factors of your self-esteem problems, like your mental health.

One of the hardest things to deal with is understanding that sometimes, you can’t change these features of your body. Many people can come to terms with this and celebrate their uniqueness, which is a healthy approach, but it takes a long journey of self-discovery to reach that point. In the meantime, you can always focus on how your clothing choices and accessorizing may be doing more harm than good. Check out this list of reasons why your clothing choices might be impacting how you view yourself.

Too tight

Tight clothing might be what’s in, as it helps accentuate certain body parts (butt, breasts, arms, chest, shoulders), but for many people, the clothing is just too tight. When clothing is ill-fitting in this manner, it can really bring out many body image problems you try to hide. For some men, a big problem can be trying to hide their chest because they might have gynecomastia, which is fat around the nipple/breast area. This can cause many self-confidence issues in tight fits, but thankfully, gynecomastia clothing is available to hide this. For women, a similar issue is that tight-fitting clothing can accentuate certain areas of fat, which makes an outfit unflattering. It’s hard when the world wants people to wear tight fits, but maybe ditch them for more sensible and better-looking clothing pieces.

Too baggy

On the opposite end of the spectrum, clothing that’s too baggy can indicate other self-esteem problems that might not be as easy to spot as certain physical features. We like to loaf around in PJs or sweats and baggy sweaters, but when you start wearing these pieces of clothing out more and more, people start to internalize whether you’re lazy or unkempt. Maybe you just like being comfortable while out doing some quick errands, but it could also mean you don’t feel attractive or worthy of positive attention. Wearing baggy clothing too often can be a sign of depression or apathy, so even if you’re hanging around at home, it can help to make you feel good to dress up a little like you have company over to show yourself how good you can look, even when no one’s around. Check this website in order to find cute and trendy jeans.

This is one of the most important men’s fashion tips because it’s something that many people overlook.


This happens a lot for men and women. There’s something about them that they don’t find attractive, whether it’s a physical feature or something emotional, that they try to hide by overcompensating with what they wear. It might be a gaudy belt buckle or an extremely flashy color of shoes, but it’s meant to divert attention, only it ends up getting interesting reactions. Statement pieces in an outfit are encouraged, like an expensive pair of heels, but only if it makes sense for the outfit. You could most often end up just picking something so outrageous to distract from a lack of height or weight. This is only doing you more harm than good, so again, being sensible in your clothing choices, and picking one complementary piece that’s appealing to the eyes can help you avoid trying to overcompensate for something.

Poor-quality garments

What you wear is supposed to reflect how you feel and how you want people to value you. It’s like a second skin, and you want that second skin to be of high quality. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on clothing to get something to look nice. You just need to have an eye for craftsmanship. Getting clothing tailored can be the difference between a cheap suit that your boss scoffs at and a comment on your dress habits. Poor-quality garments reflect that you don’t care if you wear something tattered or worn-down, as long as it’s comfortable. Comfortability doesn’t need to take a back seat to style in all cases, so to express a better feeling of confidence, start focusing on quality instead of plain comfort.

Not wearing what you want

Trying to fit in by wearing what’s in fashion or trendy might indicate you’re anxious and need to feel validated by your peers. That’s perfectly understandable. As humans, we all want to fit in in one way or another, and clothing trends just happen to be an easy way to accomplish that. The problem begins when you start wearing stuff you normally wouldn’t that you’re uncomfortable in just to feel noticed or get compliments. Some women never wear heels, which is fine, and their friends will notice when they see them struggling to walk properly. It’s always important to note the distinction between wearing something you’re familiar with and something you aren’t. It’s not a bad thing to stick to clothing you like, but don’t focus on only wearing the same things, and definitely don’t wear things you aren’t comfortable in.

Not dressing for the occasion

As mentioned before, you want to dress to express how you feel. When you dress well, people notice, and it shows that you value yourself and have confidence. Dressing like a slob and dressing down for occasions shows you don’t value yourself. Always know when it’s appropriate to dress down or dress up, and how this shows that you care about your appearance because it means you respect yourself inside.

Dressing well isn’t just about showing off a new shirt, dress, or pair of shoes. It’s an extension of how you feel. When you’re experiencing self-esteem issues, how you dress can reflect these changes. This list helps you recognize when you may be using clothing as a vehicle for expression about your body concerns and self-esteem issues on an emotional level.



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