CBD Supplementation Can Not Only Reduce Fatigue And Pain But Improve Mobility Too


CBD Supplementation Can Not Only Reduce Fatigue And Pain But Improve Mobility Toosponsored contentSeveral studies and numerous consumers have proved that CBD is a great help, especially in reducing chronic pains and fatigue.

Some have even reported that they significantly improved their well-being, and even enhanced their energy levels.

Many CBD products rise into fame, especially in the field of medicine. CBD oils, in particular, dominates the market as it is proven to deliver several benefits, including better sleep and reduced anxiety and depression. You can learn even more things about CBD oils by taking a look at this article.

Aside from CBD oils, there are also products that can be smoked for improving respiratory health, like vaping cannabis. There is a really wide application for medical cannabis, but in this article, we’ll discuss how it helps in improving mobility.

Mobility and Motor Capability Disorders

Several diseases can disrupt motor capabilities and cause mobility disorders. Altered movement, muscle contraction, and displacement can bring negative impacts and decrease the mobility of a patient. In most cases, people with mobility disorders can’t move independently and will need the assistance of other people, or instruments like crutches and wheelchairs.

The disruption of motor abilities can be caused by various disorders, such as body imbalance, leg weakness, feeling of stiffness, joint inflexibility, and strong cramps.

Here are the main factors that affect mobility and motor ability:

  • Neurodegenerative Diseases. This includes disorder in the spinal cord, Charcot disease, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Rheumatic Diseases. This includes rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and more.

In addition, other diseases like thyroid disease, type 2 diabetes, and myopathy can also cause mobility problems.

In severe occasions, prolonged inactive lifestyle, lack of exercise, inactivation of joints, and muscles can attract worse medical conditions, such an increased risk of having a stroke.

Cannabinoids: Improving mobility and motor abilities

Cannabinoids are found to improve motor and mobility skills. Several studies showed that CBD has positive neuropathic effects. This means that CBD is an excellent treatment for mobility disorders, especially those caused by neurodegenerative illnesses.

Additionally, according to a study conducted in 2012, CBD can directly enhance locomotive capabilities. The said study concentrated on a group that suffers from a neurodegenerative disease that disrupts locomotion. Many locomotive function tests were done to control the changes in the group with CBD treatments and in the group without CBD treatment. The study showed that the group which received CBD treatment have greatly improved their motor skills, in comparison to the other group.

CBD also has other positive benefits. In the same study mentioned above, the group with CBD treatment also had their damaged tissues repaired. Meaning to say, CBD also helps in fixing tissues that suffered from trauma. Although this study was conducted on a group of animals, the proponents strongly believed that the results would also be the same on humans.

Nowadays, several recent human studies have concluded that medical cannabis can also alleviate the symptoms of spasticity, another kind of mobility disorder. Spasticity causes involuntary contractions of muscles, which results in muscle stiffness. In a study conducted in 2013, about 50 people were given CBD treatments, and over 80% have claimed that their spasticity symptoms were significantly reduced.

Mobility disorders commonly come with a medium to strong levels of pain. Many experts have proven in their research that CBD is effective in alleviating chronic pain. Meaning CBD can also be taken as analgesics, and can even substitute traditional medications, which have some toxic components and can cause undesirable side effects.

Several people view CBD as an excellent treatment for conditions that causes motor skills and mobility disorders. Additionally, CBD has a very low to no side effects, unlike that of the traditional medication. This will then allow patients to have access to more natural medication.

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