8 Herbs You Can Grow and Eat at Home

8 Herbs You Can Grow and Eat at Home

In society today, the use of herbs is growing as many people learn of the various benefits that herbs provide. Only that most of them buy these herbs in their dry forms from malls or fresh ones that do not last for long. How about if you grow your herbs around your home? Herbs are easy to grow, offer an amazing flavor, and have many health benefits. You don’t even need a large space. You can grow your herbs in containers and place them on a window sill, patio, or balcony. In this way, you will save money, and it is a fun hobby to have with your family. Below are herbs you can grow and eat at home.

  1. Rosemary

One of the herbs that you can start with is the rosemary. It is a great herb to add flavor to your favorite meals, but also it has a lot of essential nutrients. It has compounds as carnosic acid that help to fight cancer cells. Also, the smell of rosemary helps to improve memory, and so people perform better when they inhale the rosemary scent. To ensure that your rosemary thrives when you plant it. It needs to grow with plenty of sun and get enough water. Have it next to your kitchen garden where you will be touching it if you want it to release the fragrant aroma that it has as you walk by it.

  1. Mint 

8 Herbs You Can Grow and Eat at Home - Mint

Did you know half of the nutritional value of plants is lost in thirty minutes of harvesting? Therefore, as you buy your mint and other herbs in the supermarkets, it has already lost its nutritional value. When you grow mint in your garden, you will benefit from its many nutrients. For instance, it is a rich source of vitamin A so when you take two tablespoons, you get more than half of your daily intake. Additionally, mint is good for digestion, pimples, nausea, cavities, headaches, breath, and asthma. When you use the peppermint essential oils, they give a positive effect on blood pressure, exercise performance, and respiratory rate. A tip as you grow this herb is that it requires a lot of space, and it takes off fast. Thus, it chokes out any other plant around it. So they are best to grow in a raised bed.

  1. Thyme 

Thyme is another herb to grow and eat at home. The beauty with growing this at home is that you can harvest it in small amounts, to use it fresh as it is readily available to you. It is popularly known as a remedy for respiratory problems like bronchitis. Also, the compound known as thyme is an ingredient in Listerine. Plus, it is a calorie-free herb that you can add to salads, soup, and other recipes that you are preparing to get the boost of flavor it provides. If you want a herb that is a beautiful option to have in your home, thyme is a good choice as it has plenty of flowers. Grow it inside your home as it stays in small size, and it will thrive as long as it has plenty of sunshine.

  1. Dill 

8 Herbs You Can Grow and Eat at Home - Dill

Do not just use dill for pickles. This flavorful herb is a great source of antioxidants, and it is popular in curing hiccups. In case you get the hiccup, add a teaspoon of dill leaf in a cup of boiled water, after straining the leaves drink the liquid slowly. Besides, it aids in insomnia, boosts immunity, and promotes bone health, among other benefits. To grow dill successfully, grow it in deep soil that is not dense and where they can access full sun. Therefore, plant it outside or in a large container inside where they get full sun. When you plant it outside, you can water once a week, but inside you need to water frequently.

  1. Basil 

Basil is a good source of fiber, known to calm nerves and helps to detoxify the liver. Therefore, when you grow them in your kitchen garden, you can benefit from what it offers and much more. When you use it in the form of an oil, it helps to clear blemishes from the skin. A little basil goes a long way, thanks to its great anti-inflammatory activity. Whether you grow basil outdoors or indoors, as a hardy plant, it will grow with ease. It requires minimal care and needs watering every other day.

  1. Chives 

8 Herbs You Can Grow and Eat at Home - Chives

This herb is a part of the onion family. It is tasty and helps to boost the immune system. Various studies show that when you eat chives, garlic and scallion, and other allium vegetables. It helps to lower the risk of certain cancers. Such as breast, prostate, and stomach. To grow your chives is easy as they do not need a lot of space, and you can grow them indoors as they do not need much light.

  1. Sage 

Sage is a great herb that helps to fight against early aging. That’s why it is a common product in many beauty products ingredient list due to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties. It is a great remedy for fatigue and anxiety, and many people love it as it is a great memory enhancer. Sage is a high maintenance herb if you intend to grow it at home. Also, it needs good soil, plenty of sunlight, and watering daily to thrive in your garden.

  1. Cilantro 

8 Herbs You Can Grow and Eat at Home - Cilantro

This herb supplies iron and fiber and helps to clear heavy metals from your body. It is a staple of Asian and Mexican cuisines. When you consume cilantro, it attaches themselves to lead, mercury, and other toxic metals and helps to draw them out of your tissues. As a deep taproot, as you grow it, it needs deep soil, and it is a challenge to grow it indoors if you want it to thrive, plant it outside. What’s more, if your plant does go to seed, keep the seeds, as they are a spice you can use known as coriander.




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