How to Remove Cuticles?

The thin ridges of skin that surround the base of your nails named cuticles are important to take care of. A dry and messy cuticle can not only make the best manicure look scruffy but irritating too. Cutting your cuticles may seem intimidating if you are not an experienced master. Here, we are providing you with a guide to the most common essentials that will help you on your journey to healthier cuticles and give answers on how to use cuticle remover.

How to Get Rid of Cuticles?

Even if you cannot visit a salon, there are lots of ways to keep cuticles soft and clean at home:

1. You’ll never have a question about how to cut cuticles at home with a cuticle remover tool – special scissors, cuticle trimmers, and clippers. However, you should be careful not to break that seal to bleed as this could lead to infection.

2. Another way how to get rid of overgrown cuticles is to use chemical remover – the solvent that removes dead tissue surrounding your nail.

3. If your cuticle doesn’t grow that much you may use a tool used to push the cuticle back and then apply cuticle cream. It is considered the gentlest way to keep your nails healthy.

removing cuticles

How do Cuticle Removers Work?

Cuticle remover contains acid at low pH levels, which dissolves dead skin. This will loosen the cuticle off of the nail plate so you can determine what’s actually supposed to be pushed back or trimmed. Here are some tips on how to use cuticle remover liquid:

  • Apply the solvent around the cuticle.
  • Keep remover for about 30 seconds and let the liquid penetrate.
  • When your cuticle softens, push it back and wipe the excess dead skin.

This method has a drawback: remover can damage tissue around the nail if left on for longer than instructed.

How to Use Cuticle Remover Cream?

Cuticle removing creams are the safest tools to take care of your nails. They contain light exfoliating ingredients that are safe to be left on all day. Such creams give proper nutrition to help boost healthy skin, cuticles, and nails. Usually, they contain such ingredients as vitamin A, biotin, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

These creams are thick and moisturizing and meant to be applied liberally to both the cuticles and nail beds. That’s why cream cuticle remover is perfect for sensitive or delicate skin types.


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