How to Get to the First Page of Google

How to Get to the First Page of Google

Google is the boss. And can you think about something better for a business project than to rank on the first page of Google? Hardly. That is why there are so many companies trying by all possible and impossible means to get into TOP search engine results, and so many marketing agencies promising to help them get there.

However, with this number of websites, is it possible to rank that high at all? And if yes, how? Let us explain to you how search engines like Google work so you can choose and implement a successful promotional strategy.

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Why is it so important to be on the first page of Google?

Well, so many companies want to get to the so desired first page of Google search results, but do all of them understand why they want to be there? Understanding your aim is halfway to reaching it.

  1. Higher CTR (click-through rate)

It is evident that the first page of Google results catches the majority of traffic. How often do you check the second, third, and so on pages? This is the answer. Almost never. However, the difference in clicks is significant even among the first page results. Have a look at the statistics:

  • 1st place – 36,4%
  • 2nd place – 12,5%
  • 3rd place – 9,5%

Until the 10th place, the percentage falls down to 2,2%. However, this is still beneficial if you managed to get to the first place, even if you are #10.

  1. Improve visibility

Every company wants to grow and scale. For this, you need to increase the visibility of your brand, and what if not Google is the best platform for doing this? The more you appear in the search results, the more recognizable you become for Internet users.

  1. Generate more leads

Being on the first page implies you will get more customers and boost sales. Of course, not every website visitor will become your customer for different reasons, but the conversion rates will grow up and not just in the online sales but offline as well.

How to get your website to the first Google page?

There is a special promotional method called Search Engine Optimization or shorter SEO. It is a set of actions that aims to improve your Google ranking. We distinguish between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO Google Page Rank

On-Page SEO

Google search engine is about quality and not quantity. If you want it to rank your website higher, you must prove it your webpages are relevant and interesting for Internet users. How? Quality content rules.

  1. Visual quality of the content

If you already have some texts and visual elements, optimize them for the search engine. What does it mean? First of all, pay attention to titles (H1, H2, etc.). Make up a clear structure: sections, paragraphs. Exemplify the longer texts with pictures or other visuals. Write alts (alternative texts for the pictures or photos). Make sure you add just relevant information that can be useful to the reader and relevant to your company.

  1. Quality semantic load of content

To convince Google your website is an authority that deserves to be displayed higher in the ranking, you must show excellent users’ engagement with your pages. A blog is a wonderful possibility to reach the goal. Write interesting and useful posts from the sphere, share your experience, discuss news, etc., do the things your audience is into. Quality is key. You will manage to catch people’s attention, become an expert in the sphere, win people and Google’s loyalty correspondingly.

  1. Fill in relevant keywords

This point really matters. Keywords are the phrases, search inquiries people type in the search bar when looking something for online. If you manage to identify the keywords relevant to your business correctly, you have all chances to get to the top. For example, you have a startup and sell windows in, let’s say, Toronto, Canada. You may decide that your keyword is “windows”. But Google will show you so many results on that inquiry. If you specify ‘buy windows’ → ‘buy plastic windows’ → ‘buy plastic windows online’ → ‘buy plastic windows online in Canada’, etc. These specifications are more likely to develop your company and bring real sales than just ‘window’.

Off-page SEO

In simple words, this is a link-building. It means that you share articles and posts on other authoritative platforms that lately refer to your website. The algorithm is complicated, but to put it simply, the more external resources refer to your website, the more authoritative and trustworthy it seems to Google, and the higher it will rank in search results.


Is it possible to get to the first page of Google results? Of course, yes.

Why do you need this?

  • To increase visibility
  • To boost sales

How to reach it? You should put great effort into the quality of your content and usability of the website.

SEO is a wise investment in the future of your company. Yes, it takes time and power, but it is much more rewarding than any other promotional method.



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