How Many Businesses Are Marketing Their Products and Services in Today’s Time

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There may be different opinions on what could make a business successful. Many would say that it’s all about the product or service that a business is trying to sell. Some would also say that it’s also about the values of a business and how determined it is to penetrate a market. While all that plays a crucial role in ensuring a business’s success, the market is also very crucial.

Marketing is more than just advertising what there is to sell. It allows a business to strategically share or promote what they are selling. This includes so many important factors like how products are marketed and how to connect with the consumers. Also being capable of hopping on trends is important especially now that consumers are smarter and have more distinct preferences.

This brings us to the rise of online industries and how online marketing is becoming the more preferred way for many businesses to get their brands out there. Some businesses would team up with marketing agencies to have successful online campaigns. For example, gambling companies would partner with sites like to find affiliates who could promote their brands.

Affiliate Marketing is now one of the most effective ways to promote a business online. Both small and big businesses are now using this marketing strategy especially now that the majority of consumers are online.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

If you’re someone who doesn’t have much knowledge of marketing, you can easily understand how affiliate marketing works by being more observant online. Brand affiliation is very widespread today.  This is very common to online content creators or the so-called social media influencers.

Many businesses prefer to build an affiliate network instead of advertising on TV or radio because it could be less expensive. A 30-second TV ad in the United States could cost as much as over $100,000. This depends on the time slot when the ad will be shown and whether it will be advertised on the national or local network.

That is already a big amount that some businesses are not willing to spend for a 30-second exposure. With affiliates, businesses can maximize the use of their products and services to promote the very same thing that they sell. Also, it’s generally cheaper to have an affiliate advertise their products instead.

An example is how certain online personalities would give out codes when they tell their followers to purchase something online or to sign up on a specific site. YouTube personality Sean McLoughlin or also known as JackScepticEye is affiliated with certain brands. Recently, he’s been sharing a link for people to sign up with a certain VPN brand. This VPN brand can then easily check how many people the YouTube star is bringing in.

How it’s Used

Interestingly, some consumers would use these codes or links to show support to the people they follow online.  They don’t easily recognize that this is similar to them getting enticed by a TV ad. However, what makes this effective is that brands can target specific audiences.

For example, Imperial Deal is an iGaming affiliate network site. They allow gambling companies to find people who are interested in gambling activities that can be an affiliate. This means that the affiliate could be someone who has a gambling-related blog or game streamer with quite a web traffic and following.

Affiliation is also not just about giving out codes to potential customers. It could also be as simple as getting an online personality to display the use of a business’ product. This is very common on platforms like Instagram. Many content creators on this platform with a huge following would sometimes post about products that they like but in reality, they’re most likely affiliated with the brand.

These days, even people with not much following can also be an affiliate. If you’ve ever seen people promote certain products online with a unique link, this means that they are affiliated with the shop. They can earn a commission from the sale that their link produced.

Why Is It an Effective Way to Market Products and Services Online?

Because of this, businesses get new customers and can easily track how many people were brought in by a certain affiliate. With that, a business can easily assess if the marketing strategy they have in place is effective. This then makes affiliate marketing so much better than paying for a TV ad.

As expensive as a TV ad is, the reality is that it’s hard to gauge how effective it is. There is no way to exactly measure how many people have seen an ad on TV. This also means that there is no way to measure how many people a TV ad was able to please.



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