Grenada’s Superstar V’ghn Ignites CPLT20 2023

"Heaven on Earth" Official Theme Song for 2023 CPLT20 Tournament

St. George’s, Grenada – The charismatic Grenadian powerhouse, Jevaughn John, popularly known in the music industry as V’ghn and dubbed ‘The Grenadian Bad Boy’, proudly announces the selection of his dynamic track “Heaven on Earth” as the official theme song for the Caribbean Premier League (CPLT20) 2023 tournament.

Grenada's Superstar V'ghn Ignites CPLT20 2023
The Grenadian Bad Boy, V’ghn

Emerging from the vibrant streets of Grenada, V’ghn’s meteoric rise in the music industry, backed by his electrifying energy and unparalleled songwriting skills, has always been deeply rooted in his love for his homeland and the Caribbean at large. “Heaven on Earth” is no exception; a track crafted with passion, mirroring the unity, shared love, and rich creativity of the Caribbean people.

On this monumental achievement, V’ghn stated, “It’s an honor beyond words. This song, from its inception, was all about celebrating our Caribbean spirit, our unity, and of course, our love for cricket. To have it recognized and played on such a massive platform is a dream come true.”

Earlier this year, the island was set ablaze with V’ghn’s sensational hit “Welcome to Spicemas”, a heartfelt ode to Grenada’s culture and its iconic carnival. It was a testament to his deep-seated patriotism and his ability to transform this love for his nation into melodies that touch the heart.

A representative from V’ghn’s team expressed, “V’ghn’s talent has always been undeniable. This collaboration with CPLT20 is not just a win for him, but for Grenada and the entire Caribbean. We’re excited to see where this takes us next.”

As the drums of the CPLT20 begin to roll and the atmosphere intensifies with cricket fever, fans can look forward to being serenaded with the pulsating rhythms and soulful lyrics of “Heaven on Earth”, reminding everyone of the unity and spirit that defines the Caribbean.


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