Grenada’s Cheetah, Kirani James Rules The World In The 400 Meters IAAF Championship

St George’s, Grenada – Former Minister and shadow Minister for Sports in the New National Party, Hon. Roland Bhola has congratulated Kirani James for his outstanding performance in winning the Gold Medal IAAF World Championships in Dague South Korea.

“Kirani’s outstanding performance in the 400 meters” he said “is a boost that the people of the country needed to help them cope in these tough economic and recessionary times. Certainly, it proves to all that despite the world economic crisis that this government continues to hide behind, if there is a plan and we are prepared to work the plan, we could achieve our goals.”

(Watch the race: )

The former Minister reiterated that the building of the Athletic Stadium will go a far way in developing our budding athletes and would also act as a motivator for new and upcoming ones, and calls on the Government to make good on their promise to build a world renowned Athletic Stadium for the athletes of the country. He further demands that the Minister for Sports apologise to all sportsmen and women for the unwise statements he made in the Parliament condemning the stadium as being too big for the people of Grenada.

Hon. Bhola repeated his previous promise to all our athletes that “Under an NNP Government, we will build a world renowned Athletic Stadium as we have done for the Cricketers. As a party, it is our philosophy that the development of quality facilities is a prerequisite to the development of world class athletes. The record is there for all to see. Just look at the islands of the region and you will observe that this is true for Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis and Barbados just to name a few,” Bhola added.

Kirani “Cheetah” James

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