Community Blog: Skimpy Olympic Clothing

By: Pat White

FT. LAUDERDALE – Is it just me, or are the clothing of the Olympians seem to be getting tinier and tinier? You have all seen the outfits (if you can call it that) of the volley ball players. I’m not sure I want to see anyone in their skimpy panties and bra. What next, are they going to wear thongs on the court? Why do the woman have to be so exposed, while the men get to cover-up? Then again, don’t answer that. I don’t want anyone to mention any package and what might fall out, but if the men get to cover up, the women should be able to as well.

You want to tell me they are all comfortable wearing those skimpy panties? What about the women that actually have some body fat and look like real women? The panties cut way below their navel, and sometime the heavier women look a little uncomfortable. When they do get a break to sit down, the towel goes right to covering up. Switching to Gymnastics; The male gymnasts get to wear full body tights (or sweat pants.) Shouldn’t the women have that option as well?

I know its called beach volleyball, but there are swimsuits and then there are bikinis and then there are skimpy panties and then there are thongs. The indoor volleyball players look more presentable. Their shorts are very fitting and short (to allow them more freedom and more aerodynamic resistance) but at least they are shorts.

In just about every event you can see the clothing decreasing. The question is, how small will be too small?

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